6 mejores servicios de detección de inquilinos

The best tenant screening services offer criminal background checks, employment and income verification, and eviction historyall at an affordable price for landlords, tenants, and property managers. Depending on state laws, landlords can charge tenants for the application and tenant background check fees.

Top 6 Tenant Screening Services

Tenant Screening Services Best for Pricing from
MyRental Budget-conscious landlords $19.99
RentPrep Screening report interpreters $21
LeaseRunner Flexible a la carte menu $10
Avail Optional property management tools $25
TransUnion SmartMove Screening from a credit bureau $25
TurboTenant Marketing vacancies $35

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MyRental: Overall Best Tenant Screening Service

MyRental is best for budget-conscious landlords. If the rental applicant is denied, this is the only tenant screening service that generates Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) -compliant adverse action letters automatically. Starting at $19.99, MyRental provides greater comprehensive reporting than RentPrep or LeaseRunner.

MyRental Pricing & Features

Basic Plan Premium Plan Premium Plus Plan A La Carte Menu
Pricing $19.99 $29.99 $34.99 Starting at $7.99
Credit Reporting $14.99
Multistate Criminal Background Check $19.99
Landlord, Prior Residence & Eviction Checks $7.99
Employment & Income Verification
Adverse Action Letter Created
Compare Score by Location
Landlord Acceptance Rate

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MyRental Basic Plan

The rental background check provided in the companys Basic plan is $19.99 and covers previous addresses, eviction histories, and multistate criminal background histories, including sex offender registries and federal terrorist watch lists. The price doesnt include credit reporting or income verification. The service will also search court records for failure-to-pay rent notices, judgments for unpaid rent, and evictions.

MyRental Premium Plan

The Premium plan is $29.99 and adds on credit reporting, income and employment verification, and the option to have applicants pay for their own screening. MyRental gets its credit reporting from TransUnion, one of the three major credit reporting agencies. Its a soft pull, so it wont ding applicants credit profiles. Youll receive raw credit data in the form of a reader-friendly risk score to help discern the applicants potential.

MyRental Premium Plus Plan

The Premium Plus plan is $34.99 and includes all the features of the Basic and Premium plans. In addition to the tenant background check services in those plans, the Premium Plus plan compares applicant scores to local averages, allowing the user to see other landlords acceptance rates for tenants with scores similar to the prospective tenant.

MyRental A La Carte

If landlords dont need a full package, MyRental allows them to purchase individual reports. These rental background checks include an eviction history for $7.99, statewide criminal check for $9.99, county criminal records for $14.99, multistate criminal reports for $19.99, and credit histories for $14.99.

MyRental Unique Features

One unique feature of MyRental tenant screening services is if applicants are turned down, landlords can receive automatic adverse action letters, so landlords dont have to create rejection letters and will also know if the applicant is FCRA-compliant. None of the other providers offer this service.

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RentPrep: Best Tenant Background Check for Report Interpretation

RentPrep stands out because it utilizes certified agents to assist with interpreting the tenant background check at no additional charge. Even with live screeners, its pricing is comparable to the others, ranging from $21 to $38. This service is right for landlords who need help interpreting screening reports.

RentPrep Pricing & Features

RentPrep Tenant Background Check SmartMove Full Credit Report
Pricing $21 $38
Credit Reporting
Criminal Background Check (Add-on)
Landlord & Eviction Checks
Income Verification (Add-on) (Add-on)
Judgment, Lien & Bankruptcies (Add-on)

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RentPrep Tenant Background Check Plan

RentPrep has the lowest price of any provider for a detailed background check at $21. It includes Social Security number verification, address history, national eviction data, and information on judgments, liens, and bankruptcies. Employment verification and criminal history are not provided with this plan. If you need credit reporting, that costs an additional $11. Landlords also add on a national sex offender and criminal search for $6.

RentPrep Smart Move Plan

RentPrep Smart Move costs $38 per month and includes full credit reporting. Users pay $7 for the judgments and liens search. National sex offender search is included at no charge. Like MyRental, RentPrep uses TransUnion for its credit reporting. Youll receive resident scores in addition to basic information. Credit reports are a hard pull if landlord-initiated but a soft pull if the applicant pays for the screening.

RentPrep Unique Features

One unique feature of RentPrep is its live screeners where someone is manually verifying applicant information. Another unique feature is its no-nonsense approach to Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) compliance. RentPrep makes it a priority to know the laws and is proactive in complying with them, protecting landlords and property managers from accidentally breaking the law or discriminating against an applicant.

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LeaseRunner: Best Flexible a La Carte Menu

LeaseRunner doesnt offer packages. Instead, it offers an a la carte menu, so landlords can select the individual reports they need. LeaseRunner tenant background checks are more rigorous than those provided by the other tenant screening services. Its important to note that if each individual report were chosen, the total cost would be $57 per applicant, making LeaseRunner the most expensive. LeaseRunner is right for landlords who want individual rental background reports.

LeaseRunner a La Carte Pricing & Features

Report Type Price Whats Included
Credit Report $20 Previous addresses and current employment verification
Criminal Background Check $15 50 states, sex offender registries, federal terrorist watchlists
Financial Report $10 Bank balances, deposits, withdrawals
National Eviction Report $12 Evictions and property damage
A La Carte Leasing Up to $30 Rental applications, rent collection, lease templates

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LeaseRunner Credit Reporting Methods

LeaseRunner uses Experian credit reporting. The applicant authorizes the screening, so its considered a soft pull. LeaseRunners reporting utilizes VantageScore 3.0, which is a competitor to the FICO scoring system and intended to provide more useful data than raw credit file information. LeaseRunner does not generate adverse action letters automatically but does supply FCRA-compliant templates for clients to use.

LeaseRunner Criminal Background Checks

LeaseRunner criminal background report provides criminal records from all 50 states and Washington, D.C. Prison records, watch lists, sex offender information, parole and probation records, and terror watch list reporting make its criminal background reporting among the most robust of all the providers.

LeaseRunner Landlord, Prior Residence & Eviction Checks

With its eviction report option, LeaseRunner provides a nationwide search for up to 10 prior addresses and up to seven years of information. Court actions, judgments, and property damage claims are all tracked. Because LeaseRunner reports are ordered individually, ancillary information, such as Social Security number verification or bank account data, are only available with the purchase of additional reports.

LeaseRunner Income & Employment Verifications

LeaseRunner offers the Financial Profile report, which contains the applicants bank balances, deposits, and withdrawals to help develop a financial profile of the applicant. Credit reporting also provides income and employment information such as current and previous employers and other sources of income.

LeaseRunner Unique Features

One unique feature of LeaseRunner as a tenant screening service is there are no subscriptions and monthly fees. Instead, landlords choose the individual type of rental background check they want, pay for it, and are done. For example, they may not require a credit check but might want a criminal background check, or vice versa. It also offers free online rental application templates .

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Avail: Best for Online Property Management Tools

Avail offers landlords three tenant background screening plans. Like our other providers that offer plans, each plan provides an increasing degree of verifications and checks. Unlike many of our included companies, Avail also offers full-service property management. Avails basic tenant screening service is free.

Avail Pricing & Features

Applications Renter Profile Credit Plus Full Screening
Pricing Free $25 $45
TransUnion Credit Score
Credit History
Nationwide Criminal, Terror List & Sex Offender Check
Rental & Employment Histories
Income Verification
Adverse Items

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Avail Rental Profile

The Rental Profile product at Avail allows landlords to screen tenants basic information. The service verifies the applicants rental history, employment history, and income. This basic service is free for landlords.

Avail Credit Plus

The Credit Plus option provides landlords with mid level verification, adding a TransUnion credit score, credit history, and adverse records history. This is a good product for landlords wanting to add credit verification to their tenant screening. Credit Plus is available for $25 per applicant.

Avail Full Screening

Full Screening from Avail includes all tenant background checks and verifications included in its basic and mid-level report with the addition of a nationwide criminal, terror list, and sex offender registry checks as well as previous eviction reports.

Avail Unique Features

Landlords can sign up for a monthly membership that allows them to manage one unit rental for free and includes its Full Screening product plus many other property management tools like online rent payment.

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TransUnion SmartMove: Best Direct Tenant Screening From a Credit Bureau

TransUnion SmartMove offers three different tiered plans with prices ranging from $25 to $40 per applicant. TransUnion SmartMove also offers an additional feature with all of its plans called a Credit-based Resident Score, which gives an overall tenant score developed by TransUnion. TransUnion SmartMove is ideal for landlords and property managers who trust the affiliation with TransUnion or who want an alternative to MyRental.

TransUnion SmartMove Pricing & Features

SmartCheck Basic Plan SmartCheck Basic Plus Plan SmartCheck Premium Plan
Pricing $25 $38 $40
Full Credit Reporting
Credit-based Resident Score
Criminal Background Check
Landlord, Prior Residence & Eviction Checks
Income Insights

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TransUnion SmartMove SmartCheck Basic Plan

The SmartCheck Basic plan is $25 per applicant and gives a credit-based resident score along with a recommendation by TransUnion of whether or not to rent to the applicant. This plan also gives a nationwide criminal background check but doesnt provide a full credit report offered by the more advanced plans.

TransUnion SmartMove SmartCheck Basic Plus Plan

The SmartCheck Basic Plus plan is $38 per applicant. Along with the features of the Basic plan, the Basic Plus plan offers data from TransUnion with full credit reporting on each applicant. The credit report is a soft pull on an applicants credit since the applicants are required to authorize it. This plan also offers previous landlord, residence and eviction checks, including a national eviction report.

TransUnion SmartMove SmartCheck Premium Plan

The SmartCheck Premium plan is the top plan and priced at $40 per applicant. In addition to the offerings of the other two plans, it also offers something called Income Insights. These are additional verifications that TransUnion SmartMove does to see if the applicant accurately reported his or her income. It reviews online records, financial behavior, and all income sources, and advises landlords if they should get additional proof of tenant income .

TransUnion SmartMove Unique Features

One unique feature of TransUnion SmartMove for tenant background screening is the applicant score feature. Its a score of each applicant from TransUnion based on an analysis of more than 500,000 resident records. Similar to the National Tenant Network, it gives the property manager or landlord a recommendation to accept the applicants or deny them.

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TurboTenant: Best for Marketing Vacancies

TurboTenant is a tenant screening service with a platform that allows for posting available rentals. TurboTenant doesnt have packages. Instead, there is a $35 to $45 fee per tenant application. Its best for landlords, real estate agents, and property managers who want to screen applicants and to market and post vacant units.

TurboTenant Pricing & Features

Report Type Price Whats Included
Tier 1 $35 Credit report & criminal background
Tier 2 $45 Everything in tier 1, plus eviction report
Marketing Free Vacant rental listing

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TurboTenant Credit Reporting Methods

TurboTenant uses a soft credit pull, so it doesnt impact the applicants FICO score. The report lists the applicants FICO score and the factors that are included in determining the score like the number of open and closed credit accounts, outstanding loans, and payment history. The company uses TransUnion.

TurboTenant Criminal Background Checks

TurboTenant conducts a more comprehensive nationwide rental background check than other tenant screening services. This advanced tenant background check is included automatically as part of the applicant screening fee. The check searches more than 200 million criminal records, so if a tenant has recently moved from another state, landlords likely will be able to find information about them.

TurboTenant Landlord, Prior Residence & Eviction Checks

TurboTenant only includes an eviction report with the $45 tenant screening option. Otherwise, an eviction tenant background check isnt included. The $35 option includes the tenants prior residence and public records to show if any landlord-tenant related cases are outstanding.

TurboTenant Income & Employment Verifications

This is where TurboTenant falls short. It doesnt provide any type of income verification. It recommends that landlords verify the income and current employment with the applicants employer. It doesnt offer live screeners, so its up to the landlords to have the applicant sign a records release form, or call the applicants employers, and collect their pay stubs.

TurboTenant Unique Features

One unique feature of TurboTenant for tenant screening is that its not just a tenant screening service. It can also be used to post vacant rental listings and create flyers for rental units. For prospective renters, landlords can have the applicant fill out the application directly on the website.

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Bottom Line

Tenant screening services help landlords, real estate agents, and property management firms run tenant background checks, credit reports, and eviction checks as well as verify employment and income. This helps landlords assess whether applicants are qualified to rent a house or an apartment.

Is SmartMove legitimate

TransUnion is a well-regarded company, and the SmartMove Report is well respected in the Real Estate Industry . It offers a lot of essential Tenant screening features which are very useful such as the credit check, and the Resident Score.

How much does TransUnion SmartMove cost

TransUnion SmartMove costs

SmartCheck Basic costs $25 per screening and includes Credit-Based ResidentScore® and National Criminal Background Report. SmartCheck Plus costs $38 per screening. It includes everything in the Basic plan plus the Full Credit Report and the National Eviction Report.

Is SmartMove free

SmartMove’s patented tenant screening product allows renters to “push” credit reports directly to landlords, which enables credit screening while protecting consumer information. Accounts can be created for free and reports delivered in a matter of minutes .

Is SmartMove a hard inquiry

TransUnion SmartMove is the clear choice for helping you make the right decisions for your rental property. Since the rental applicant initiates the release of their personal information, the result will be a soft-inquiry that won’t affect the applicant’s credit score.

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