7 Mejor Pos de panadería para 2022

Bakery point-of-sale (POS) systems have foodservice features like recipe management, ingredient-level supply tracking, and invoicing for custom orders. They also function like a traditional retail POS system , quickly processing payments, tracking sales data, and managing customer relationships. Software like this can cost anywhere from $0 to $299 per month, depending on the tools you need.

The best POS systems for bakeries are:

  • KORONA : Best overall POS for brick-and-mortar bakeries
  • Toast : Best for high-volume brick-and-mortar bakeries
  • BakeSmart : Best for wholesale bakeries
  • Lightspeed Restaurant : Best midpriced POS for growing bakeries
  • CakeBoss : Best for home-based bakeries without in-person payments
  • Square for Restaurants : Best free POS for small bakeries and home-based bakeries that need in-person payments
  • TouchBistro : Best for marketing

Best Bakery POS Systems Compared

Monthly Fees Installation Fees Hardware Cost Contract Length In-person Processing Fees Compatible Payment Processors

$49$79+ None Use existing or purchase for custom fees Month to Month Varies by processor Works with all major processors

$0$165+ $0$99+ $0$799 2 years 2.49% + 15 cents Toast Payments
Visit Toast

$199$299 (up to 5 terminals) $1,499$3,499 Varies; can use existing hardware Month to month Varies by processor Works with all major processors
Visit BakeSmart

$39$289+ $0 Custom-quoted 1 year Varies by processor; Lightspeed Payments: 2.6% + 10 cents Lightspeed Payments, TSYS, Worldpay
Visit Lightspeed Restaurant

$149/year($12.49/ month) $0 $0 1 year 3.49% + 49 cents (Only accepts online payments) PayPal
Visit CakeBoss

$0$60+ $0 $49$1,159 Month to Month 2.6% + 10 cents Square Payments
Visit Square for Restaurants

$69 Optional, custom-quoted Custom-quoted 1 year Varies by processor TB Payments, TSYS, Worldpay
Visit TouchBistro

Monthly Fees Installation Fees Hardware Cost Contract Length In-person Processing Fees Compatible Payment Processors

$49$79+ None Use existing or purchase for custom fees Month to Month Varies by processor Works with all major processors

$0$165+ $0$99+ $0$799 2 years 2.49% + 15 cents Toast Payments
Visit Toast

$199$299 (up to 5 terminals) $1,499$3,499 Varies; can use existing hardware Month to month Varies by processor Works with all major processors
Visit BakeSmart

$39$289+ $0 Custom-quoted 1 year Varies by processor; Lightspeed Payments: 2.6% + 10 cents Lightspeed Payments, TSYS, Worldpay
Visit Lightspeed Restaurant

$149/year($12.49/ month) $0 $0 1 year 3.49% + 49 cents (Only accepts online payments) PayPal
Visit CakeBoss

$0$60+ $0 $49$1,159 Month to Month 2.6% + 10 cents Square Payments
Visit Square for Restaurants

$69 Optional, custom-quoted Custom-quoted 1 year Varies by processor TB Payments, TSYS, Worldpay
Visit TouchBistro
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KORONA: Best Overall Bakery POS


Overall Score: 4.31 OUT OF 5

Ingredient Tracking & Reporting 4.50 OUT OF 5
Order Management 4.75 OUT OF 5
Business Management 4.00 OUT OF 5
Expert score 4.75 OUT OF 5

What We Like

  • No long-term contracts; cancel whenever you like
  • Free in-person installation
  • Choose any payments processor; shop for the best rates
  • Forever-free trial

What’s Missing

  • Inventory tools require Advanced subscription
  • Offline mode has limitations
  • No recipe database tools

KORONA Deciding Factors

  • Monthly software fees:
    • Core: $49
    • Advanced: $59
    • Plus: $79
    • Enterprise: Custom quote
  • Hardware costs: Can use compatible existing hardware, or purchase from KORONA for custom-quoted prices
  • One-time installation fees: None
  • Payment processing: Bring your own processor; KORONA integrates with all major processors
  • Contract length: Month to month

KORONA is a cloud-based POS designed to support specialty retail businesses like grocers, liquor stores, and bakeries. This easy-to-use POS is focused on speed of sale, letting your cashiers complete transactions with minimal button presses or screen changes . Because KORONA is only a POS company and does not process payments, it can integrate with any payment processor . Bakeries can shop for the lowest processing rates, which is a huge help when most of your transactions are lower than $10 per person.

This POS also lets you easily schedule future orders and process deposits, making it a great fit for special occasion cake and catering operations. These orders are searchable directly from the POS screen, so your cashiers can locate them quickly to process final payments.

KORONA earned a 4.31 out of 5 on our bakery POS scoring criteria. It scored well for its ingredient tracking features, open payment processing, and high customer ratings. KORONA could have scored higher if it included a recipe database like others on this list do (Square for Restaurants is the only other system missing this feature.) As a fully cloud-based system, KORONA also has limited offline functionality. If you need a fully functioning POS when your internet goes down, try Toast, TouchBistro, or BakeSmart.

KORONAs POS is designed for speedy ordering.

You can search for scheduled orders directly from the POS screen.

Users can print barcode labels for packages and shelving directly from the KORONA back office dashboard.

KORONA includes invoice-building tools to support all types of bakery operations.

KORONA Features

KORONA is affordably priced at $49 to $79 per terminal, per month (Enterprise-level tier is custom-quoted) for the POS software. It also offers an unlimited free trial that supports up to 30 transactions per day. Hardware, however, requires a custom quote. Across the board, users love this system. User reviews on popular review sites award KORONA an average of 4.6 stars out of 5, with many mentioning the friendly and knowledgeable customer support team.

This user-friendly POS allows you to easily customize your order screens and menu offerings. The baseline system also includes invoice-building tools that are perfect for catering, custom cakes, or wholesale orders. You can test the software with an unlimited free trial ; use KORONA for up to 30 transactions a day for absolutely no charge for as long as you like. The free trial version includes all of KORONAs baseline features except for integrated payments.

KORONAs standout features include:

Month-to-month contracts

Users can cancel their service at any time without penalties. So, it is easy to update your POS plan as your business grows or your needs change. This is unusual for POS systems in general, though on this list, Square for Restaurants also requires no long-term commitment.

Flexible processing

KORONA is the only system on this list that integrates with every major credit card processor. Users can shop for the best processing rates and use whichever processor they like. You can also change processors down the line if you find a better rate after a couple of years in business. For busy bakeries with check averages below $10, this feature can have a huge impact on the bottom line.

Inventory with vendor management

The built-in inventory management software allows you to track stock levels and manage supply orders directly from your back-office dashboard. Your KORONA inventory module will consider current coupons and promotions when advising on reordering levels. You can also use the inventory settings to print custom price tags for individual boxes of pastries or custom orders. Accessing these inventory features requires an Advanced or higher subscription, however. If you need inventory included in the baseline POS, try TouchBistro or BakeSmart.

Marketing and gift cards

KORONA includes highly customizable discounting and promotions tools in the baseline POS. You can set your system to offer date- or time-based promotions (like half-priced pastries during the last hour of business) or set detailed rewards and coupons when specific items are ordered together. KORONA is also the only system on this list that includes gift card processing for no additional charge.

Learn more about KORONAs POS features with our full KORONA review .

Toast: Best for High-volume Bakeries


Overall Score: 4.27 OUT OF 5

Ingredient Tracking & Reporting 5.00 OUT OF 5
Order Management 3.38 OUT OF 5
Business Management 4.75 OUT OF 5
Expert score 4.75 OUT OF 5

What We Like

  • Free baseline POS
  • Industry-grade dust-proof and spill-resistant hardware
  • Pay-as-you-go option for hardware purchases
  • Robust employee management tools

What’s Missing

  • Locked into Toast Payments
  • Requires two-year contract

Toast Deciding Factors

  • Monthly software fees:
    • Starter (Pay-as-you-go): $0
    • Starter (Standard): $69
    • Essentials: $165
    • Growth: Custom quote
  • Hardware costs:
    • Pay-as-you-go plans include free hardware for up to two terminals (with the Pay-as-you-go processing rates listed below).
    • Standard price for a stationary terminal with a router and card reader is $799.
  • One-time installation fees: $0$499
  • Payment processing:
    • In-person fees for standard plan: 2.99% + 15 cents
    • I n-person fees for Pay-as-you go plan: 2.49% + 15 cents

Custom rate quotes available for Essentials and Growth subscribers

  • Contract length: 2 years

Toast is an incredibly popular hybrid POS system for restaurants of all types. In fact, it frequently tops our list of best restaurant POS systems . The extensive, customizable features and rugged hardware make Toast a great fit for busy bakeries with a high volume of on-site sales. The entire Toast POS is designed to operate on Toasts terminals and handheld devices, which have been rated to withstand high-traffic restaurant environments.

Toast tablets can operate at higher and lower temperatures than iPads or consumer-grade computer terminals. They are drop-tested and also rated to withstand the intrusion of steam or dust. These qualities are a terrific fit in a bakery environment where steam, heat, and flour particles are facts of life.

It earned a 4.27 out of 5 on our bakery POS scoring system. Toasts strong offline functionality and invoicing earned high marks. The integrated online ordering tools, inventory, and scheduled orders also earned points. Toast could have scored higher if inventory, online ordering, loyalty, and marketing tools were included in the baseline POS, or if it included custom cake or wholesale management tools. If your bakery needs a free online ordering site, youll prefer Square or KORONA. For custom cake or wholesale management tools, check out BakeSmart.

Since our last update:

When we last considered Toasts bakery features, the invoicing tools were still in beta mode. It now includes full-featured invoicing tools in the baseline POS.

Toast no longer includes Toast Inventory in the baseline POS. Instead, new customers can get xtraChef by Toast, a comprehensive inventory and vendor management tool, for an additional, custom-quoted monthly fee.

Toasts hardware is designed to withstand busy service environments.

The Toast Go 2 handheld terminal processes orders and payments tableside or as a line-busting tool.

Toasts invoicing tools allow you to send invoices directly from the POS.

Toast Features

Toasts baseline POS system has built-in features like menu management, real-time data and reporting, and employee management. It also offers a pay-as-you-go Starter subscription option, which allows small bakeries to access Toast software and hardware without any monthly cost. This makes Toast a good first for growing bakeries that need industry-grade tools on a tight budget.

The baseline Toast POS supports timeclock functions, custom user permissions for unlimited users, and robust modifier buttons. Small bakeries can get started with Toast for free and add modules like online ordering, inventory, and marketing as their business grows. Toast offers pay-as-you-go pricing for most add-on modules (all youll pay is slightly higher processing fees), or you can request a custom quote from the Toast sales team.

Toasts standout features include:

Pay-as-you-go hardware

Toast is the only system on this list that allows users to purchase hardware with no upfront cost. Sure, with others like Square and BakeSmart, you can use hardware you already own, but with Toast, you can get industry-grade hardware without paying an arm and a leg.

Inventory by xtraChef

In 2021, Toast purchased the restaurant inventory tool xtraChef. This comprehensive inventory software logs recipes, manages vendors, tracks food cost and supply usage in real time, and syncs with your accounts payable system to ensure you never miss an invoice. It also includes scan-to-enter invoice management and a smartphone app for taking physical inventory counts.

Pre-scheduled orders

As with BakeSmart and KORONA, Toast allows users to generate future orders directly from the POS screen. If you have a kitchen display system (KDS) installed in your kitchen, these future orders will display automatically on the date they need to be completed, with preparation time built in.

Online ordering and delivery

For an additional custom-quoted fee, Toast users can add integrated online ordering to their POS. Essentials subscribers automatically receive three months of free online ordering; after that, the fees are around $75 per month. Driver management features are included if you want to manage a team of in-house drivers. Alternatively, you can hail third-party delivery drivers on-demand using Toast Delivery Services. Youll pay a flat rate per-delivery fee that varies based on the distance and the driver service. But, you can pass these fees on to customers as a service charge.

Advanced invoicing

This Toast tool allows you to create future orders in your POS and generate an invoice to use as an estimate and final bill. You can email the invoice directly from your POS screen and send reminders if payment lags. Customers can pay the invoice in person or by credit card over the internet. While others on this listKORONA, Square for Restaurants, and BakeSmartall offer invoicing tools, Toasts is one of the easiest to use.

Learn more about Toasts POS features with our full Toast review .

BakeSmart: Best for Wholesale & Custom Cake Bakeries


Overall Score: 4.17 OUT OF 5

Ingredient Tracking & Reporting 5.00 OUT OF 5
Order Management 4.25 OUT OF 5
Business Management 3.88 OUT OF 5
Expert score 4.75 OUT OF 5

What We Like

  • Built-in custom cake design and pricing module
  • Robust wholesale invoice management
  • Runs on any Windows or MacOS computer
  • Monthly fees include software for five terminals

What’s Missing

  • Pricey
  • Locally installed system does not have a cloud-accessible back office dashboard

BakeSmart Deciding Factors

  • Monthly software fees:
    • Essentials: $199
    • Pro: $249
    • Enterprise: $299
  • Hardware costs: BakeSmart operates on any Windows or MacOS computer, so you can use hardware you already own. Printers and card readers are available from BakeSmart for custom-quoted prices.
  • One-time installation fees:
    • Essentials: $999
    • Pro: $1,999
    • Enterprise: $2,999
  • Processing fees: Varies by processor. BakeSmart integrates with all major payment processors so you can shop for the best rates
  • Contract length: Month to month

BakeSmart is a locally installed POS that operates on any computer that runs on MacOS or Windows. Like KORONA, BakeSmart works with multiple processors so you can shop for the best rates. Its real ace feature, however, is its support for wholesale bakery production and account management . Users can log recipes, create production pars, and figure costs and prices in their BakeSmart dashboard. These tools are a lifesaver for bakeries that supply local restaurants, hotels, or grocers with fresh breads and pastries.

This POS earned a 4.17 out of 5 on our bakery POS ranking criteria. This systems flexible processing and wealth of bakery-specific tools (including advance order management and custom cake tools ) earned high marks. BakeSmart lost some points because it is not cloud-based; you need to access your system on-site to get reports and update information. The steep price with required installation fees also lowered its score.

Since our last update:

BakeSmart dropped from second to third position, as more competitively priced systems updated their software offerings.

The BakeSmart POS screen allows you to easily start a new order, view current order lists, or see upcoming deliveries and pickups.

An integrated ecommerce site sends online orders directly to your BakeSmart POS.

BakeSmarts production tracks your daily production pars.

BakeSmart Features

BakeSmart includes every tool a bakery needs, whether it serves individual customers, other businesses, or a combination of the two. Youll find an integrated ecommerce site, custom cake quoting tools, inventory with vendor management, loyalty features, email marketing tools, and wholesale management in a single system. And, while BakeSmart is the priciest system on this list, the baseline price includes software for five terminals. If you actually need five terminals, the per-terminal price breaks down to $40 to $60 per terminal, per month. Small bakeries that dont need so many registers may prefer a lower-cost system like Square, Toast, or KORONA.

BakeSmarts standout features include:

Wholesale account management

With an Enterprise-level account, you can enter standing orders for wholesale customers. You can schedule these orders for a specific pick-up or delivery date, and BakeSmart will add the order to your production calendar two days in advance.

Production management tools

You can set ongoing production targets and volume limits, calculate costs and prices, and keep all of this information in a centralized location. These production tools communicate with the inventory tools, so your stock levels are always up to date.

Custom cake tools

BakeSmart includes tools for detailed custom cake orders and lets you choose how to charge for different cake layers, flavors, and decorations. You can use this module to generate an estimate and contract for elaborate wedding cake orders and even assign a lead designer to each cake order if your team is large. Deposit management settings let you choose to charge a flat dollar amount or a percentage of the sale as a deposit.

BakeSmart Online

Pro and Enterprise level users can access an integrated online ordering site. You can set up your site from your BakeSmart dashboard and customize how far in advance orders must be placed. Your customers can create accounts to keep track of their favorite items for speedy re-ordering, and you can set quantity limits on online orders for popular items.

Lightspeed Restaurant: Best Midpriced POS for Growing Bakeries

Lightspeed Restaurant

Overall Score: 3.96 OUT OF 5

Ingredient Tracking & Reporting 5.00 OUT OF 5
Order Management 2.75 OUT OF 5
Business Management 4.00 OUT OF 5
Expert score 4.50 OUT OF 5

What We Like

  • iPad-based system can operate on existing hardware
  • Customizable Quick Service Mode speeds orders
  • Choose from built-in or third-party processing
  • Affordable monthly software fees

What’s Missing

  • Cannot process offline payments
  • Can only handle orders one week in advance

Lightspeed Restaurant Deciding Factors

  • Monthly Software Fees:
    • Essentials: $39
    • Plus: $119
    • Pro: $289
    • Enterprise: Custom quote
  • Hardware costs: Custom quote; varies
  • One-time Installation fees: $0
  • Payment processing: Varies by processor (Lightspeed Payments, TSYS, Worldpay); Lightspeed Payments: 2.6% + 10 cents for in-person payments
  • Contract length: 1 year

Lightspeed Restaurant is a cloud-based POS system with restaurant industry-standard features like built-in payment processing, ingredient-level inventory management, and basic employee and customer management. It is an excellent fit for growing bakery businesses because pricing starts at $39 per month and the system is highly customizable .

Besides offering four subscription tiers, Lightspeed Restaurant also supports integrations with popular third-party apps. So, if your small bakery plans to grow in the future, Lightspeed is the POS for you.

Lightspeed Restaurant earned a score of 3.96 out of 5 on our bakery scoring criteria. It earned high marks for its price, 14-day free trial, and the ability to use hardware you may already own. However, it does not support offline payments, while the others on this list do, and the system can only accept advance orders up to a week ahead. If your bakery does not have dependable internet service, or you need to accept orders more than a week in advance, youll be better off with KORONA, Toast, or BakeSmart.

Lightspeed Restaurant operates on iPads and other popular third-party restaurant hardware.

Lightspeed Restaurant users can design custom gift cards.

Lightspeeds Quick Service Mode reduces button presses by combining ordering and payment buttons on a single screen.

Lightspeed Restaurants inventory tool tracks production batches to support large scale baking operations.

Lightspeed Restaurant Features

The name of the game with Lightspeed is flexibility. Users can choose their payment processor, use existing hardware, and add a multitude of customizations through third-party integrations. Lightspeed Restaurant pricing starts at $39 per month for a single terminal, which may be all small bakeries need. Most of Lightspeeds pricing is listed transparently on its website. Still, if you are interested in customizing with several add-on modules or lots of hardware, you should contact Lightspeed for a custom quote.

Lightspeed does not directly finance hardware purchases, but qualifying Lightspeed customers can apply to Lightspeed Capital for operating funds when needed. Lightspeed offers a 14-day free trial if you want to take a more in-depth look at the system.

Lightspeed Restaurants standout features include:

Flexible payment processing

Lightspeed Restaurant users can choose the ease of built-in processing through Lightspeed Payments. Rates for in-person transactions are 2.6% + 10 cents, similar to competitor Square. If you prefer to shop for lower rates, the system also integrates with TSYS and Worldpay.

Ingredient-level inventory

Lightspeed includes ingredient-level inventory tracking in the baseline POS. Beyond basic inventory and recipe logging, you can also track production batches of large orders. This may not be enough to support a full-scale wholesale bakery operation (for that, youll need BakeSmart). But, if your bakery batch bakes breads and rolls for service or sale as a sideline revenue stream, Lightspeed Restaurant has you covered.

Online Ordering and delivery

Lightspeed offers multiple online ordering options. You can centralize all your third-party orders on a single order screen via Lightspeed Delivery and manage your delivery menus in one place. Alternatively, you can rely on Lightspeeds built-in online ordering module, Order Ahead. The Order Ahead function allows you to receive orders up to a week in advance.

Learn more about Lightspeed Restaurants POS features with our full review .

CakeBoss: Best Software for Home-based Bakeries


Overall Score: 3.89 OUT OF 5

Ingredient Tracking & Reporting 4.50 OUT OF 5
Order Management 4.50 OUT OF 5
Business Management 2.88 OUT OF 5
Expert Score 4.75 OUT OF 5

What We Like

  • Works in multiple languages
  • Robust invoicing, inventory, and costing tools
  • Affordably priced
  • Highly reviewed by users

What’s Missing

  • Not designed to process in-person payments
  • No ecommerce integrations
  • No built-in cake design tools

CakeBoss Deciding Factors

  • Software subscription fee :
    • $149/year for the first year
    • $20/year thereafter
  • Hardware costs: None; CakeBoss operates on hardware you already own.
  • One-time installation fees: None
  • Processing fees: Online payments only via PayPal. Standard rates for PayPal invoice payments; 3.49% + 49 cents
  • Contract length: 1 year

CakeBoss is home bakery management software for managing and scheduling orders, inventory, recipes, and invoicing. It was developed by a home baker for home bakers (and is not related to the TLC television show of the same name.) Unlike the other solutions on our list, CakeBoss is not designed for bakeries with storefronts but rather for catering or home businesses that primarily produce custom baked goods or cottage foods. Its pricing model is slightly different from the traditional POS systems on our list. For your first years subscription, youll pay $149, but after that youll only pay $20 per year.

CakeBoss can run on your home computer or laptop . There are no special hardware purchases required. However, CakeBoss is not designed to process in-person payments. Youll be able to accept online payments via PayPal, but if you want to process in-person paymentssay, at a farmers marketyoull need a solution like Square (read more about Square POS below.) You can also simply use a Square card reader attached to your smartphone.

In our bakery POS evaluation, CakeBoss earned a 3.89 out of 5. It earned good scores for its ingredient tracking and order management features. CakeBoss came out ahead of home-bakery competitor BakingIt because CakeBoss includes PayPal integration to process payments. Like BakingIt, however, CakeBoss lost some points because it is a tool purpose-built for home bakeries. It lacks common features that commercial bakeries need, like ecommerce integrations and offline mode. Commercial bakeries should turn to KORONA, BakeSmart, Toast, TouchBistro, or Square for Restaurants.

CakeBoss operates on computers and Wi-Fi-enabled tablets.

You can easily manage upcoming orders and payments in your CakeBoss dashboard.

CakeBoss Standout Features

CakeBoss costs $149 in the first year and just $20 yearly after that . In addition to being a very low-cost tool, CakeBoss also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can try the system risk-free. Home bakers who plan to take their bakeries on the road to fairs or farmers markets should note that CakeBoss isnt designed to ring up orders on the spot or process in-person payments. You could try it, but it would be clunky. Home bakers who sell on the road can use a free POS and payments app like Square in conjunction with CakeBoss to accept in-person payments, though.

CakeBosss standout features include:

Use your preferred language

An integration with Google Translate allows users to run CakeBoss in their preferred language.

Robust inventory tracking

CakeBoss is preloaded with 120 standard baking ingredients and their US prices. You can update these with the products you actually use. You can track supplies on hand in real time as you use them. When you update the price of an ingredient, all of your affiliated recipes will also update. The system can also generate a shopping list based on pending orders.

Custom-order costing

As you build new orders, CakeBosss cost calculator prompts you for the number of servings and hours you spend preparing the orders. It combines this information with your recipe and material costs to generate a price per serving that ensures you never underbid yourself.

Invoice tools

CakeBoss generates invoices based on your quotes to easily convert your quotes to orders. You can create invoices directly from your CakeBoss dashboard, along with your bakerys contract terms. Invoices can be branded with your logo and custom brand colors, and can be emailed or printed for in-person orders.

PayPal integration

CakeBoss has an optional PayPal integration that allows your customers to pay invoices online with a credit card, debit card, and PayPal.

Square for Restaurants: Best Free Bakery POS

Square for Restaurants

Overall Score: 3.76 OUT OF 5

Ingredient Tracking & Reporting 3.75 OUT OF 5
Order Management 3.13 OUT OF 5
Business Management 3.50 OUT OF 5
Expert score 5.00 OUT OF 5

What We Like

  • Baseline software is free to use on unlimited terminals
  • Operates on iPads; you can use hardware you already own
  • Integrates with Square business tools
  • Free integrated online ordering site

What’s Missing

  • Ingredient-level inventory requires a third-party integration
  • No built-in tools for custom cake orders
  • Square is the only payment processor

Square for Restaurants Deciding Factors

  • Monthly Software subscription fee :
    • Free: $0
    • Pro: $60
    • Premium: Custom quote
  • Hardware costs: Can use iPads you already own. Proprietary Square hardware like the handheld Square Terminal ($299) or touch-screen desktop Square Register ($799). Square also sells hardware kits that include cash drawers, card readers, and kitchen and receipt printers starting at $1,159.
  • One-time installation fees: None
  • Processing fees:
    • In-person transactions: 2.6% + 10 cents
    • Online & invoice payments: 2.9% + 30 cents

Square for Restaurants is a cloud-based POS that runs on iPads. This popular small business system is free to use on unlimited devices . Technically, competitor Toast also offers a free baseline POS system; its starter POS is limited to two terminals. So, we awarded the best free bakery POS to Square because it does not limit the number of free terminals and includes a free online store.

Square for Restaurants earned a 3.76 out of 5 on our bakery ranking criteria. It scored points for its low cost and suite of connected tools (including free invoicing and a free online store). However, it lost points as several featuresloyalty, marketing, recipe logs, ingredient-level inventoryrequire additional purchases or third-party integrations.

All of these tools exist on Square; youll just need to pay extra for them. If you need more of an all-in-one system, consider Toast (though youll still pay extra for marketing tools) or KORONA (where youll pay extra for advanced inventory).

Though Square is not our top-recommended solution for bakeries, it is our best overall POS for new and small businesses . It is also a great, simple POS for home-based bakeries.

Square for Restaurants operates on iPads and Square-built handheld devices.

You can create your Square Online Store quickly using Squares guided setup.

You can send Square Invoices from your back-office dashboard.

Square for Restaurants Features

Square for Restaurants offers a free subscription tier that can be used on unlimited devices. The Plus tier, which unlocks some additional functionality like detailed reporting, costs $60 per month. Square offers financing for hardware purchases anywhere from $49 to $10,000 , and those interested can apply via Squares website. The app also offers a 30-day free trial to test drive its higher-level POS software subscriptions. Unlike several other POS brands, Square users are not locked into long-term contracts, so you can cancel your subscription at any time .

Square for Restaurants standout features include:

Square Invoices

Square Invoices is a Square business tool that enables you to send invoices from your Square for Restaurants management dashboard. Once the invoice is sent, Square will automatically prompt customers to settle their bill and send reminders if someone is slow to respond. This is a useful tool for bakeries that process catering orders or custom cakes.

Square Online Store

Like KORONA, Square includes a free online store for POS users. Squares setup wizard guides you through the site creation process. If you dont have a custom web domain, you can host your store for free on a Square-affiliated link. You can build your online store in an afternoon and get started taking online orders right away.

Free POS

As weve mentioned before, Square for Restaurants baseline POS subscription is free. The only cost to you is the processing fees for credit and debit card transactions. You can upload the POS software on an unlimited number of terminals, too. The only drawback to the Free POS is that it only comes with a single set of user permissions. If you want custom logins for multiple employees youll need to upgrade to the Plus plan.

Square App Marketplace

You can easily expand your Square for Restaurants POS with one of the hundreds of partner apps featured in the Square App Marketplace. If you need ingredient-level inventory tracking with a recipe log, Square integrates with MarketMan, PeachWorks, and YellowDog. If you want to feature your pastries on third-party delivery platforms, you can find all the popular ones in the App Marketplace. Some bakeries might find all this app adding tedious, but it offers a very real benefit to small bakeries; you wont pay for tools that you dont need.

Explore more features by reading our full Square for Restaurants review .

TouchBistro: Best for Marketing


Overall Score: 3.69 OUT OF 5

Ingredient Tracking & Reporting 4.50 OUT OF 5
Order Management 3.00 OUT OF 5
Business Management 3.00 OUT OF 5
Expert score 4.50 OUT OF 5

What We Like

  • Operates on iPads
  • iOS-based user interface is easy to learn
  • Includes ingredient-level inventory in baseline POS
  • Works with multiple payment processors so you can shop for the best transaction rates

What’s Missing

  • Vendor management requires a third-party integration
  • Does not have built-in invoicing tools
  • Loyalty and online ordering tools require additional monthly fees

TouchBistro Deciding Factors

  • Monthly software fee : $69 per terminal, per month
  • Hardware costs: Operates on iPads; it is possible to use compatible iPads you already own, though TouchBistro doesnt recommend this. Hardware purchased through TouchBistro is offered at custom-quoted prices.
  • One-time installation fees: You can self-install TouchBistro using detailed tutorials. In-person installation assistance is available for a custom-quoted fee.
  • Payment processing: Varies by processor. TouchBistro offers built-in TB Pay, but also integrates with merchant services providers on the TSYS and Worldpay networks.
  • Contract length: 1 year

TouchBistro is a cloud-based iPad POS designed specifically for foodservice businesses. The baseline system includes detailed ingredient

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