Marketing de video inmobiliario: tipos, ideas, ejemplos y recursos

Real estate videos are easy to create and include in marketing strategieshelping real estate professionals sell a listing, attract new clients, educate prospective clients, and market services. Choose from the different real estate marketing videos, like introduction, testimonial, neighborhood tour, listing, and educational videos, and take a look at them to get inspired by actual examples, along with the resources you need to start creating high-quality videos for your real estate business.

Keep in mind that even the best real estate videos are useless if no one ever sees them. Be sure to get the most mileage out of your carefully crafted videos by featuring them in your listings, on social media accounts, and through email, and displaying them prominently on your website.

Types of Real Estate Marketing Videos

With the massive increase in video marketing reach and capability, deciding to infuse your marketing strategy with video shouldnt be difficult. In fact, videos can attract up to 300% more traffic and leads than all other marketing mediums. Every agent should start creating the following five types of real estate videos to boost leads and engage future clients.

Here are some of the most popular types of real estate marketing videos that you can use for your campaigns:

Introduction Video

An introduction video can be a quick, friendly video that introduces yourself to cold leads online or a longer video that helps warmer leads get to know you better. Think of your introduction video as an elevator pitch for your services and real estate brand. Be ready to share what makes you stand out and offer something unique to clients.

Real estate introduction videos can be simple and informal, like a video of you talking to the camera telling a prospective client about yourself and your services. They can also be more produced, with clips of you working with clients and even including client testimonials. In either format, make sure to talk about your values and characteristics as a person and how you add value to your clients. You may also choose to mention your hobbies and discuss interests that reinforce your local expertise.

Introduction Video Example: Showcase What You Offer to Clients

Real Estate. Real Impact. (Source: Chip James )

In this introduction video, real estate agent Chip James created a professionally produced video focusing on his personal approach to real estate, his family, and charity work. Without boasting or bragging, he simply tells you what he offers. The lovely visuals and editing are a bonus, but the impact of the video could be made even with just your smartphone.

Testimonial Video

Testimonial real estate videos can go a long way in convincing cold leads that youre worth the effort to reach out to. While a strong review profile on Zillow can show leads your competence and trustworthiness, videos reviews are even more impactful. Testimonial real estate videos from happy former clients are an extremely powerful persuasion tool and leave a heartfelt impression thats hard to ignore.

Part of improving your review profile should include optimizing your Zillow agent profile as a whole. You should expect potential clients to look at your headshot, bio, reviews, and past listings to evaluate whether they trust you or not. In addition, becoming a Zillow Premier Agent helps motivated buyers automatically get in touch with you about other agents listings as well as your own. Make sure that you take advantage of every opportunity to grow your business from the massive amount of real estate leads who are already searching Zillow.

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Testimonial Video Example: Interview Clients in Their Home

Seattle real estate agent testimonial (Source: Zach McDonald )

In this testimonial, the clients answer some common questions about the real estate process, like what they were most worried about and how they were able to find their home. Even though there is some editing, the homeowners are clearly very comfortable and happy to talk about their experience. This makes it feel very authentic and builds a strong reputation for the real estate agent.

Neighborhood Tour Video

A neighborhood tour is one of the most impactful real estate marketing ideas because it accomplishes multiple goals at once. For one, it provides evergreen content for you to use over and over again and proves your local expertise by providing a valuable resource to both buyers and sellerskey to creating the most effective videos for your brand.

In order to make your neighborhood tour engaging and valuable, highlight a few popular and attractive neighborhoods in the area along with your narration about what makes the area special. Dont forget to mention transportation options, nightlife, parks, landmarks, or any other interesting features.

Neighborhood Tour Video Example: Laid Back Discussion

West Haven, Tennessee, neighborhood video (Source: Caitlin Davis )

Caitlin Davis, a Tennessee-based real estate agent, provides a perfect example of a neighborhood tour video. She begins the video with a brief introduction to the area of Franklin, Tennessee, and mentions what shes going to discuss about the neighborhood. While the video includes clips and shots from a variety of areas in the neighborhood, its mostly comprised of her talking to her smartphone from her car. Its a perfect example of how you can use even the most basic equipment to become highly successful in real estate .

Listing Video

When most people think of real estate videos, listing videos are usually the first thing that comes to mind. Although this is far from the only type of real estate marketing videos you can and should create, listing videos have two unbeatable advantages: they help you sell listings faster and attract more listing clients. A portfolio of strong listing videos along with data on each homes sale can massively increase your leading leads.

Listing Video Example: Brief Video Tour & Introduction

New Jersey loft listing video (Source: Nest Seekers )

This professionally produced listing video does an impeccable job of showcasing the propertys features through videography and narrationall in less than two minutes. It includes exterior shots of the loft and the location equally mixed with views of the interior. Interested buyers can get all the information they need, including loft size, location, number of bedrooms, and price, without having to dig through the listing details.

Educational Video

With so many online and social media platforms that encourage video, educational real estate videos are growing massively in popularity. Buying or selling a house can be an extremely complex and overwhelming task for consumers, and they will inevitably have questions about the process. By creating educational content, you can answer their questions in a format thats engaging, organized, and easy to understand.

Educational content is the most important type of video for those still working to build their reputation and authority. Being able to answer relevant questions in the real estate field will establish your position as the go-to expert for buyers and sellers questions. Its also an ideal way to generate leads on TikTok , Instagram, or YouTube.

Educational Video Example: Discuss & Visualize Concepts

How to sell a house and buy another (Source: Jordan Bellinger)

This video is composed of two different scenes and has a relatively simple format. However, its extremely engaging because of its simplicity and clever format. The real estate agent uses select font overlays throughout the video to help him make points, and even uses paper visuals to clearly describe a complex answer. In under seven minutes, this YouTube video is full of valuable information that homeowners are very likely to save and refer to in the future.

Real Estate Video Marketing Examples

Your videos need to be similar to other agents or they need to perfectly fit within the most common types of real estate videos. Videos can be incredibly versatile in content, format, and style. They can also be a combination of video types to make a larger impact on your audience.

Take a look at these 10 examples to gather ideas of how you can create video content that is authentic to your real estate business:

1. Real Estate Training Video

Real estate marketing training (Source: Williams & Williams Estates Group )

This video is a recording of training offered by two experts on marketing architecturally significant properties. Youll immediately notice that it doesnt have the best video or audio quality and consists of 25 minutes without any form of editing. However, the content within the video is extremely valuable to their audience and has gotten the video to receive thousands of views in just a few months. In addition, this type of video could also be used as training for agents within a team or brokerage.

Although we suggest taking your videos quality seriously, this shows that the key to your success lies in the content and value you provide to leads and clients. Many options are available to improve the quality of your videos, even if they werent filmed with ideal lighting or audio. You can search through hundreds or thousands of professional video editors available for hire on Fiverr . View their past work and testimonials to find someone who knows how to transform a mediocre video into a powerful resource.

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2. Sothebys Listing Marketing Introduction

International realty property journey (Source: Sothebys International Realty )

Listing videos can be an incredible tool to show how you successfully sell homes for the highest value. However, Sothebys International Realty takes a different approach to attract listing clients with this short video about how each listing is marketed. Without any narration and in just over one minute, they show their incredible real estate photography, 3D tours, virtual reality showings, integration with Apple+, and online marketing.

Pro tip: To learn more about creating virtual tours that stand out from the crowd, check out our article How to Create a Virtual Tour in 8 Steps .

3. Iconic Open House Tour

Iconic LA home tour (Source: Open House TV )

Not every video you create needs to directly lead to a sale. In fact, entertaining people is a great way to keep them engaged. In this open house video tour of an iconic home in Los Angelesone with a rich historythe agent walks through the home and highlights some of the most stunning and unique features. It features the catwalk in the library, wood details, and antique decor. Its an interesting and entertaining video that can help keep your leads engaged with new content, even if they arent looking to buy or sell a property in the near future.

4. Real Estate Agent Profile

Real estate agent profile (Source: Beautiful Listings )

This one-minute video about Nadia Kasyouhannon, a San Diego realtor, perfectly communicates her personality, local expertise, and value to clients. She clearly addresses what stands out about her services and makes leads feel importanteven in a video that technically isnt focused on them. Although its professionally produced, a few brief clips of her laughing and smiling make it feel particularly personal and friendly.

5. Luxury Listing

San Francisco mansion (Source: Luxury HousesAmerican Homes )

Unlike a few of the other listing videos above, this luxury property video takes a full eight minutes to cover the propertys features and location in detail. Without any narration, the video is completely dedicated to going through the property and surroundings in detail and communicating the feeling of luxury. Instead of using narration, this video uses text and graphics to show the address, distance from popular attractions, and price.

Another great feature of this real estate video is its multiple calls to action. Instead of only including a call to action with the agents contact information at the end of the video, he includes a slide with his headshot. Additionally, he also has his contact information in the middle of the video and the end for brand reinforcement.

6. Multi-part House Tour & Testimonial

Walt Disney island house (Source: Chibi Moku )

This unique video is just part of a five-part series highlighting an individual home with a unique story. This produced video combines an interview with the homeowners about the property along with beautiful videography of each space in the home. This real estate video is almost 13 minutes long and takes the time to show every detail of the home, including the light fixtures, faucets, and decor. Although this is not a common type of real estate video, the casual interview style makes it extremely entertaining and interesting.

7. Waterfront Listing Spotlight

Waterfront vacation property (Source: )

This house tour is interspersed with beautiful shots of the surrounding lake, forest, and boating activities, which have a powerful impact on the feel of the video. If you want to create an emotional impact on potential buyers, this video shows exactly how you can do that with the right videography and music. Consider using a similar video style to make your listing feel like a complete experience.

8. Neighborhood Subdivision Tour

Lake Windward neighborhood tour (Source: Karla Eisele )

In this neighborhood tour video, this Georgia-based real estate agent includes multiple strategies to make the video a valuable resource and reach more leads. She starts with a personal introduction, then goes through multiple neighborhoods within a suburb to cover an extensive amount of details. With smooth videography that makes you feel like you are driving down the streets, she narrates and adds details about the homes construction, layouts, and architectural features.

Pro tip: Make your YouTube videos more user-friendly by segmenting them into chapters and labeling each one. This essentially gives users an outline of what is covered in your video and allows them to easily find what theyre looking for. In addition, each section can be found more easily through organic searches.

9. Personal House Tour

San Antonio house tour (Source: Nava Realty Group )

Although the video quality of this house tour is extremely clear and smooth, its met with a casual narration by the real estate agent while he simply walks through the home. Its a very different style than many of the professionally produced property tours, and it likely appeals to a different audience.

While the agent walks through the home, he gives honest advice, important information, and invites feedback from viewers. This video style makes the viewer feel like they are walking around the house with a friend, which may be a more fitting video style for your brand.

10. Most Expensive Listing House Tour

Most expensive listing tour (Source: Ryan Serhant )

The title of this real estate video is the first thing to take note ofinviting viewers to see the most expensive listing in the United States. This is a professionally produced video that follows a famous real estate agent around the property while he provides interesting details about the property. While the video is likely scripted, it feels as if the agent is talking naturally about the home with laughter and comments like, Ive never seen anything like it.

Equipment Needed to Shoot Real Estate Videos

Whether youre creating a painting, a building, a business, or a video, your success comes down to having the right tools. With modern smartphone technology, most realtors can start creating videos without having to purchase additional equipment. However, investing in a high-quality DSLR camera and a few additional videography tools will take your real estate video marketing strategy to a new level of professionalism and effectiveness.

Here are some suggested pieces of video gear that will make your real estate videos look more professional:

  • DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) camera: One of the best starting cameras for real estate professionals is the Canon Rebel T7 . It can help you get a crystal-clear video without too many settings to learn on your own.
  • Wide-angle lens : Just like in real estate photography , having a wide-angle lens is the key to making videos that capture an entire room.
  • Microphone : Whether you plan to talk directly to your camera or create narration, you need a microphone that can prevent distortion.
  • Selfie stick , tripod, or gimbal : These are all forms of video stabilizers, and they help prevent your video from shaking as you walk around.

Another way to upgrade the quality of your video without purchasing equipment is to optimize your profiles and marketing channels. For example, a real estate YouTube channel will have limited success without adding a cover photo or profile photo. Youll get the most mileage out of your video marketing efforts by using every tool at your disposal.

Try 99designs to get your entire YouTube channel designed by professionals. With its unique contest format, youll receive dozens of custom design concepts for one affordable fee. You can then choose the best design for your business, with everything from your header photo and banner to your thumbnail templates.

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Bottom Line

Using video in your real estate marketing strategy is practically a necessity as more and more online users depend on video. Fortunately, because of the versatility of video, there are so many options to easily start creating videos that fit your personality and brand. By using the ideas and examples above, you can start establishing a video marketing strategy that helps you generate more real estate leads .

How do you write a real estate video script

5 Rules for Writing a Strong Real Estate Video Script that Generates Commissions

  1. Rule 1: Keep it short. The ideal length for a video is between 60 and 90 seconds.
  2. Rule 2: Make a 5-second pitch at the start.
  3. Rule 3: Put your entire message in the first 30 seconds.
  4. Rule 5: Write clear calls to action.

What videos should Realtors make

Real estate video ideas for listings

  • Property listing video. First things first: property listing videos are a must.
  • Neighborhood video.
  • School video review.
  • Real estate listing video.
  • Agent ‘About me’ video.
  • Client testimonial video.
  • ‘Just Sold’ video.
  • Real estate explainer video.

How do you make an awesome real estate video

How do real estate agents memorize scripts

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