Revisión de BuilderTrend: Características y precios 2022

Buildertrend is cloud-based construction enterprise resource planning (ERP) and accounting software that helps you manage your projects, create estimates, keep track of billing, and more. Its features include customer relationship management (CRM), payment processing, bill and purchase order (PO) management, and accounting integration. Its cheapest option costs $349 per month but is available for $99 per month for the first three months.

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What We Recommend Buildertrend For

Buildertrend, our choice for overall best construction accounting software , is great for homebuilders, remodelers, general contractors, and specialty contractors who need a single solution for CRM, accounting, project management, and service management. Its used to process single-entry estimating, bidding requests, and building proposals for presale transactions. Its also helpful for managing payment requests, POs, job costing, and more.

Buildertrend Is Especially Good For

  • Construction companies that use QuickBooks Online: While Buildertrend already helps you manage your customers, jobs, and presales, its integration with QuickBooks Online also provides the tools you need to manage your finances with improved accuracy. For instance, while Buildertrend itself stores data on bills, expenses, jobs, POs, invoices, and approved timesheets, QuickBooks Online will handle bill payments and track expenses not recorded in Buildertrend.
  • Construction companies that use Xero: While we recommend integrating Buildertrend with QuickBooks, it also integrates nicely with Xero . When integrated with that software, Buildertrend lets you generate customer invoices automatically from scheduled payments and approved orders, creates payables from approved POs, and improves communication between owners and subcontractors.
  • Construction companies that need CRM software: A built-in CRM system provides a single tool to manage contact information, service records, and sales history.

Buildertrend Is Not a Good Fit For

  • Users that prefer desktop software: If you need an accounting program that you can access without an internet connection, then Buildertrend isnt for you. QuickBooks Premier Plus Contractor Edition is a good choice for contractors that want desktop software.
  • Companies that arent QuickBooks or Xero users: Buildertrend isnt a full accounting application. If you arent an existing QuickBooks or Xero user, choosing Buildertrend is an expensive option since youll have to pay two subscription fees: one for Buildertrend and one for either QuickBooks or Xero. Instead, we recommend JobPower because it has accounts payable (A/P), accounts receivable (A/R), and construction payroll features.
  • Companies that want to manage equipment: Buildertrend doesnt track your fixed assets. Sage 100 Contractor is a good choice for storing, managing, and tracking fixed asset information.

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Buildertrend Pros and Cons

Integrates with QuickBooks and Xero Must pay a separate fee for your QuickBooks or Xero subscription
Includes a built-in CRM system Cannot manage and track equipment
Powerful time clock feature Requires an internet connection
Includes one-on-one coaching Processing change orders requires the Pro subscription

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Buildertrend Pricing

Buildertrend offers a huge discount for the first two months of the subscription. It has no free trial. However, you can cancel your subscription within your first 30 days with a full money-back guarantee if youre not satisfied with Buildertrends features.

Pricing & Features Core Pro
Regular Price $349 per month $599 per month
Price for the First Two Months $99 per month $399 per month
Issue Invoices
Budget Management
QuickBooks Integration
Client Portal
Xero integration N/A
Bid Requests N/A
Surveys N/A
Bills & POs Management N/A

Buildertrend vs Competitors

Buildertrend is our pick for best overall construction accounting software . Because of its project management and accounting features, Buildertrend is a one-stop solution for your construction accounting needs.

Buildertrend as compared with competitors

In this comparison, we presented Buildertrend integrated with QuickBooks Online Plus. Although these two software products are separately billed, we found that Buildertrend with QuickBooks Online Plus is the ultimate solution for your construction management and accounting needs. We think that Sage 100 Contractor offers a middle ground between price and features. QuickBooks Premier Plus Contractor Edition is also a worthy option but youll be sacrificing construction management features such as scheduling and logs.

Buildertrend Features

Buildertrend combines project management, accounting, financial management, and presale management in a single platform. After logging in, its dashboard gives you quick access to all of its programs and features. Below is your default Buildertrend dashboard:

Buildertrends Web Dashboard

Buildertrends App Dashboard

Accounting Features

Buildertrend has accounting and financial tools that can help you manage the financial aspect of your construction projects.
Create and Manage Budgets
(Source: Buildertrend)

Budgets : Before starting the construction, you can create a budget to set standard costs. But as the construction progresses, the budget module will also report actual costs and budget variances for your evaluation. Sample Purchase Order
(Source: Buildertrend)

Purchase orders : Create detailed purchase orders and instructions in Buildertrend. The POs will contain all information about the order and subcontractors can sign below the PO if they agree to the terms. Change Orders from Clients
(Source: Buildertrend)

Change orders : You can create change orders if there are additional costs needed in the project. Clients can view the change order through the client portal and then use the comment section below the proposal to raise their concerns. If the clients agree with the change order, they can e-sign the change order and send additional payments. Time in and out via the Mobile App
(Source: Buildertrend)

Time clock : Its built-in time tracking system includes a geofencing feature that alerts the supervisor when a crew enters the identified geofence zone. When the crew leaves the zone, the time clock stops recording the time, allowing the supervisor to track the employee even without clocking in or out. It also has GPS location tracking for more accurate tracking of remote and on-site employees. Online Payments via the Client Portal
(Source: Buildertrend)

Online payments : Clients can pay via electronic check or credit card through the client portal. If Buildertrend is integrated with QuickBooks and Xero, receiving payments automatically updates client invoices. Lien Waivers
(Source: Buildertrend)

Lien waivers : Once subcontractors have completed their job, you can release lien waivers that Buildertrend automatically generates once payments to subcontractors have been made. Bookkeeping Software Integrations
(Source: Buildertrend)

Integrations : You can export financial data to QuickBooks or Xero and non-financial data (e.g., schedules, documents, etc.) to Outlook, Google Calendar, and iCalendar. Invoicing Module
(Source: Sposen Signature Homes)

Invoicing : Create line-item invoices based on your billing preferencewhether you prefer progress billing, invoicing off estimates, or billing from your selection sheet. For easy invoice creation, you may use its readily available templates.

Project Management Features

Buildertrend offers project management features that can assist in planning, organizing, and monitoring construction projects. Whether youre onsite or at the office, Buildertrends wide accessibility ensures that you can communicate to your employees wherever they are.

Scheduling via Web Dashboard
(Source: Buildertrend)

Scheduling : Buildertrend offers different ways to keep you on schedule. It has a built-in calendar where you can see an overview of the month. The calendar also shows your tasks as they occur during the week or month, similar to a Gantt chart.
Updating Your Team with Daily Logs
(Source: Buildertrend)

Daily Logs : Logs help your team get real-time updates about accomplishments or changes in the construction process. You can upload photos and videos to alert off-site employees about problems or progress updates.
Creating To-do Lists via Mobile App
(Source: Buildertrend)

To-do Lists : With the Buildertrend app, you can create to-do lists to ensure that all tasks are completed. You can even assign specific to-dos to any of your employees.
Managing Documents and Media in Buildertrends Online Storage
(Source: Buildertrend)

Documents & Photos : Buildertrend offers unlimited storage for documents and photos. You can upload progress photos of construction projects or document issues encountered during construction.
Insert Markups and Notes in Plans
(Source: Buildertrend)

Mark Up Plans : If the officer onsite detects a problem with the plans, Buildertrend has a markup feature to make annotations and drawings over the plan. This feature helps point out design mistakes or construction problems encountered that affect the initial design.
Communicating with Employees and Subcontractors
(Source: Buildertrend)

Messages via Mobile App : The Buildertrend app has push notifications from messages or emails to alert employees of assigned tasks, changes in construction, or any information that might concern them.
Managing Messages using the Web Browser
(Source: Buildertrend)

Messages via Web Browser : People at the back office can easily see messages from employees in the field through the web browser.
Warranty Claims from Clients
(Source: Buildertrend)

Warranty : If clients experience problems with the completed project, clients can raise their concerns through Buildertrends client portal. Contractors will receive warranty claims requests in the Project Management tab. Clients can also send photos as evidence when filing warranty claims.

Customer Service and Ease of Use

Buildertrend has a simple and logical user interface that is easy to navigate, even for new users. It includes a handy menu at the top so that you can navigate through important features like Sales, Financials, Project Management, Files, Messaging, and Reports. The report insights are laid out well and can be viewed instantly with a few clicks of a button, showing breakdowns of job logs, estimated cost versus actual cost, sales leads, and other essential metrics.

Buildertrend Learning Academy is a training platform that helps Buildertrend users understand the features of the software. It has onboarding programs, certifications, and resources available for users subscribed to Buildertrends plans. You can also access monthly live webinars in the Learning Academy.

In addition to the Learning Academy, you can also join the Buildertrend Online Conference . This is a one-day conference for all users that aims to discuss strategies for using Buildertrend to improve their businesses. The conference is free, and you can watch the most recent conference on Buildertrends website.

Buildertrend Alternatives

QuickBooks Online Plus Sage 100 Contractor QuickBooks Desktop Premier Contractor Edition
Best for: Mobile tracking of job costs for a low price Best for: Small contractors looking for an affordable solution with basic ERP features Best for: Businesses looking for a low-cost option to track costs by job with powerful reporting capabilities
Software from : $80 per month Custom quote Software from : $549.99 per year

Bottom Line

Buildertrend is a flexible solution that combines cost accounting, project management, and CRM in one place. It has an intuitive dashboard and some nice features, such as a mobile app that allows your employees to clock in and out directly from the job site. However, Buildertrend lacks accounting features unless you integrate with QuickBooks Online Plus . If you have surplus budget, we highly recommend integrating with QuickBooks Online Plus.

How much is Buildertrend worth

Today, with 220 employees and over 420,000 users across the U.S. and 40 countries, Buildertrend is the most widely used cloud-based system in the industry. Buildertrend’s clients have completed over 730,000 projects utilizing the software, totaling $63 billion in value.

What is better than Buildertrend

Dataforma . Our next top user-rated alternative to Buildertrend is Dataforma, with 4.7 stars and 29 reviews.

What is the best software for construction

Your Guide to Top Construction Management Software, April 2022

  • CoConstruct.
  • JobNimbus.
  • Procore.
  • Viewpoint Spectrum.
  • BuilderTREND.
  • Autodesk Construction Cloud.
  • e-Builder Enterprise.
  • Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate.

What type of software is Buildertrend

Construction software designed to make your business better

Plan projects, track projects and impress clients with our construction tech.

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