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Payline Data is a merchant services provider with in-person, online, and mobile payment solutions for businesses. Features include a point-of-sale (POS) system, automated clearing house (ACH) payments, invoicing, and hundreds of integration options for ecommerce stores. It has an upfront, transparent pricing model that charges users a monthly subscription fee, without cancellation and early termination fees, making it ideal for businesses providing high-ticket sales and services. Contact Payline Data for a free one-month trial or apply online for same-day approval.

Payline Data

What We Like

  • Transparent pricing
  • Supports high-risk merchants and nonprofits
  • Same-day account approval

What’s Missing

  • Monthly fee for merchant accounts
  • Charges additional monthly fee for use of virtual terminal
  • May charge extra for fraud protection
  • Limited business management tools

Deciding Factors

  • Monthly fee: $10-$20
  • Transaction fees: Interchange plus
    • In-person: 0.2% + 10 cents
    • Online: 0.4% + 20 cents
    • Nonprofit : 0.1% + 10 cents
    • Medical: 0.2% + 10 cents
    • High-risk: 1%
  • Virtual terminal fee: $10/month
  • ACH fees: Not disclosed
  • No setup, cancellation, or Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance fees
  • Deposit speed: 1-2 business days
  • Hardware: Mobile and POS
  • Free first-month subscription
  • Supports high-risk and nonprofit businesses
  • Includes free setup and use of gateway

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What We Recommend Payline Data For

After spending years reviewing merchant services , I can say Payline Data offers notable features that make it a good fit for many small and large businesses. It is one of our top picks for the best virtual terminals for small businesses.

In particular, Payline Data is best for:

  • Medical offices: Healthcare businesses get Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA)-compliant payment processing at a special rate with its Payline Medical offering.
  • Retail businesses: Fair, transparent pricing and over 200 ecommerce integrations earned Payline Data a spot on our list of the best retail credit card processors .
  • Restaurants and catering businesses: ACH processing and a user-friendly virtual terminal make Payline a good option for restaurant businesses that do a lot of phone orders or catering companies needing to process deposits.
  • Nonprofits and educational institutions: Although Payline Data has not made our most recent list of top nonprofit payment processors , its website advertises a discounted processing rate that starts at interchange + 0.1% and an overall competitive transaction fee of less than 2%. Contact Payline Datas sales team for more pricing information.

When Payline Data Would Not Be a Good Fit

Payline Data isnt the best fit for every businessthose that process international sales or have very low sales volume, for example, might consider a different provider:

  • Businesses that do not want monthly fees: With other merchant services providers offering comparable solutions without monthly fees, some businesses may be put off by the extra overhead. If you want a free merchant account , consider Square , PayPal , or Helcim .
  • Merchants who sell internationally: Payline Data is not available for merchants outside the United States. Instead, consider Helcim, PaymentCloud , or PayPal.
  • Businesses with a heavy mix of in-person and online sales: Payline Datas monthly pricing plans are separated according to sales channel with separate monthly fees for online and in-person transactions. Instead, consider Square or other top multichannel POS systems and payment processors that dont charge extra for online sales.
  • Occasional sellers: Payline has a $25 monthly minimum. If you have a seasonal business or only process payments occasionally, consider a different solution with no minimum requirements or monthly fees, such as Square .

Payline Data Alternatives & Fees Comparison

Best for High-volume businesses that need billing or recurring payments New and small businesses that need a free POS solution Individuals who need a reliable solution for occasional payments Established businesses that want interchange-plus pricing with no monthly fee
Monthly Fee Starts at $99 Starts at $0 Starts at $0 $0
Card-present Transaction Fee Interchange + 8 cents 2.6% + 10 cents 2.7% Interchange + 0.1% + 5 cents to 0.3% + 8 cents
Keyed Transaction Fee Interchange + 15 cents 3.5% + 15 cents 3.5% + fixed fee Interchange + 0.1% + 10 cents to 0.5% + 25 cents
Ecommerce Transaction Fee Interchange + 15 cents 2.9% + 30 cents Starts at 3.4% + 30 cents Interchange + 0.1% + 10 cents to 0.5% + 25 cents
Visit Stax Pay Visit Square Visit PayPal Visit Helcim
Since Our Last Update:

After a recent update in the last quarter of 2021, Payline Datas website no longer advertises its nonprofit and Payline medical pricing plans, although it still publicly offers these services. Also, high-risk payment processing is now available for some verticals, such as tobacco and cannabidiol (CBD). We also take a closer look at Payline Datas pricing, application process, and onboarding procedures.

Payline Data Payments Calculator

Enter your current in-store and/or online sales volumes and average order values for an estimate on the monthly fees you would pay using Payline Data.

Payline Data Pricing

In-person Online
Monthly Fee $10 $20
Transaction Fee 0.2% + 10 cents 0.4% + 20 cents
Virtual Terminal $10 $10
Cancellation Fee 0 0
Deposit Speed 12 business days 12 business days

Payline Data allows you to accept card-not-present (CNP) payments and in-person mobile and chip, swipe, or tap card payments. It also offers electronic ACH payment processing and customer billing options through recurring payments or invoices. With a subscription interchange plus pricing model, merchant account holders pay for a monthly fee in exchange for low processing rates and inclusive of incidental fees. Add-ons, such as PCI fees, payment gateway (setup and use) fees, and QuickBooks integration are already included in the monthly plan.

Try the fees calculator on Payline Datas website to get an idea of how much you would pay every month in payment processing costs. This not only includes the markup fee you pay to Payline Data but also covers an estimate of the interchange price that goes to the acquiring bank and card networks. Theres no long-term contract and new subscribers will also be offered the first month free.

A quick computation dividing the total monthly cost (Monthly Charges on Payline Datas calculator) by the average number of transactions you process in a monthcomputed as average monthly volume divided by average transaction amountwill show you how much you spend for processing each time you accept a payment. Use this figure to compare against alternative providers.

Payline Data provides separate pricing plans for online and brick-and-mortar businesses.
(Source: Payline Data)

However, note how Payline data charges a monthly virtual terminal fee, which most businesses need, and other processors like Square offer for free.

Payline Datas pricing plans are based on whether you process online or in-person transactions. This means that if your source of revenue is divided heavily between sales from your website and storefront, you may be presented with a custom plan thats higher than what is advertised.

Its payment processing for medical, nonprofit, and educational institutions, and high-risk merchantswhile still being offeredis also no longer explained thoroughly on the website. Recently, however, we were quoted the following rates:

  • Medical: Interchange plus 0.2% + 10 cents
  • Nonprofit: Interchange plus 0.1% + 10 cents
  • High risk: Interchange plus 1%

If you need any of these services, its important to ask all your questions around transaction rates and incidental charges when you get on a call with a Payline Data representative.

Payline Data Hardware

Payline Data does not advertise hardware pricing but does support in-person payment processing including mobile, countertop, and smart terminals. It also integrates with several POS systems like Clover and Vend. In some cases, Payline Data offers free hardware in your contract but note that this will most likely require you to sign up for a long-term contract. Contact Payline Datas sales team for more information.

Mobile & Countertop Hardware

  • Desk3500/500
  • Bolt Clover Flex
  • iPP315 Pin Pad
  • Ingenico iSC Touch 250
  • Ingenico iSMP4
  • Ingenico iPP 320/350
  • ID Tech Augusta

  • Countertop terminal
  • Best for accepting payment from a countertop checkout
  • Accepts magnetic stripe reader (MSR), EMV, and near-field communication (NFC) transactions
  • Can be programmed to accept electronic benefits transfer (EBT) payments
  • Point-to-point encryption (P2PE)

  • Wireless terminal*
  • Best for processing payments anywhere within your store
  • Accepts EMV, and NFC transactions
  • Signature capture and touch screen enabled
  • Internet Wi-Fi connectivity
  • P2PE

  • PinPad (customer-facing) device
  • Best for pairing with Desk terminal
  • Accepts dipped, tapped, and swiped card payments
  • P2PE

  • Hardware for virtual terminal
  • Best for multilane stores
  • Accepts EMV transactions
  • Signature capture and touch screen enabled
  • Supports Payline Datas virtual terminal
  • P2PE

  • Hardware for virtual terminal
  • Best for mobile checkout
  • Accepts EMV, NFC, and PIN Debit transactions
  • Tip selection enabled
  • Supports Payline Datas virtual terminal
  • P2PE

  • Hardware for virtual terminal
  • Best for mobile checkout
  • Accepts EMV chip and PIN payments
  • Supports Payline Datas virtual terminal
  • P2PE

  • Hardware for virtual terminal
  • Best for mobile checkout
  • Accepts EMV, NFC, and PIN Debit transactions
  • Tip selection enabled
  • Supports Payline Datas virtual terminal
  • Internet Wi-Fi connectivity
  • P2PE

  • Hardware for virtual terminal
  • Best for countertop checkout
  • Accepts EMV and magnetic stripe transactions
  • Supports CardPointe and Transax virtual terminal
  • USB connectivity

*Verifone, DejaVoo, and FD wireless terminals are also available.

POS Hardware

  • Clover POS
  • NCR Silver
  • Vend
  • Oracle/Micros

Offers a range of POS hardware including mobile, countertop, and smart terminals and is an ideal choice for busy retailers and restaurants. It can be preprogrammed to support Payline Datas primary backend processor, Vantiv.

NCRs hardware is designed to handle multiple sale types including food retail, making it an ideal solution for grocers and convenience stores.

Payline Data recommends Vend for its merchants who prefer using their own iPad for processing payments at checkout. Pair your tablet with Vends mobile card reader with an option to purchase outright or lease from Vends Portal Advantage website.

Micros is a secure POS system often used for retail restaurants, ticketing, and hospitality, such as hotels, resorts, casinos, and arenas. It offers the widest support service reach of more than 180 countries.

Payline Data Features

Setup & Application

Signing up with Payline Data starts with sending an inquiry from its website. Youll need to fill out the online form with your contact information. The next window will take you to an online calendar where you can set up an appointment for a call with a Payline Data sales representative.

Included in Payline Datas initial service is a statement analysis where an account manager will provide you a detailed comparison of your current payment processing fees against Payline Datas pricing. Instant approval is also available for low-risk merchant account applicants signing up for the In-Person plan.

Payline Data offers one-month free subscription and provides you with a dedicated account manager from the moment you fill out its online signup form.
(Source: Payline Data)

Payline Datas signup form also lets you set up a call with an account manager to start your application process.
(Source: Payline Data)

Contract & Terms of Service

Generally, Payline Data offers a month-to-month contract to its merchant account holders. This means you can cancel your account at any time and not have to worry about early termination fees or cancellation fees. On top of that, Payline Datas transparent pricing gives you a pretty good idea on the amount of fees you can expect to pay every month, with most of your incidental fees already covered in its subscription pricing model.

However, you will need to contact a representative to get the finer details of its terms and condition of service. As with most merchants, a customized plan will mean paying only for services you need to run your business but, in turn, certain conditions on the contract may change significantly such as:

  • Accepting ACH payments
  • Higher monthly fees for businesses with heavily blended sales channels
  • Free (or leasing) hardware in exchange for a long-term contract with early termination fees
  • Additional monthly fees and set up fees when using certain payment gateways
  • Higher monthly fees and transaction rates for high-risk merchants
  • Terms and conditions, including incidental fees, of chargeback management dependent on Payline Datas partner integration
  • Separate fees for fraud protection tools

For instance, Payline Data partners with CardPointe , NMI , Transax , and for its payment gateway and virtual terminal solutions. These third-party integrations vary in their basic plan fees and features, so you may be charged an additional fee if you require functionalities that are included in its more advanced plans.

Mobile Payment Processing

This solution comes with both pricing plans at no extra cost. Payline Data offers a mobile card reader and payment app you can use anywhere with any Android- and iOS-compatible mobile device. It offers tokenization and encryption tools for processing swipe, chip, tap, and NFC payments. Additional features allow you to upload and manage your products in sync with your POS system; manage recurring billing; auto-calculate taxes and gratuity; process surcharges, voids, and refunds; and send electronic receipts. The mobile payment app also lets you view reports and manage cash transactions.

Payline Mobile has a simple interface that lets you see sales reports, connect card readers, and accept card and cash payments.
(Source: Payline Mobile listing in App Store)

Invoicing & Recurring Billing

Manage one-time and recurring billing with Payline Datas payment management platform. It allows you to send emails to collect payment, set up billing plans, view reports, and more. The dashboard features design and templating tools, customization options, and a customer database you can use to set up profiles for recurring billing functions.

Design a collection form and attach the payment link directly to your collection email.
(Source: Payline Data)

Ecommerce Features

Payline Data offers different tools for accepting online payments. The Payline gateway lets you process debit, credit, and other electronic payments online securely through hosted payment pages while the virtual terminal allows you to accept payments from phone orders through manual input (keyed in or using card readers). Additionally, it integrates with popular third-party virtual terminal and gateway providers such as CardPointe, NMI, Transax, and

For those wanting a more customized payment processing experience for their customers, Payline Data gives you access to its application programming interface (API) at no extra cost. This also makes it easy for businesses that require omnichannel payment features for synchronizing sales made in-store and online. Payline Datas onboarding team also helps set up this functionality if you need them.

Payline Datas onboarding team will help you set up, customize, and embed a payment link on your website to start accepting payments.
(Source: Payline Data)

Payline Data also integrates with more than 200 online shopping carts and is compatible with Shopify WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Magento, and other platforms.
(Source: Payline Data)

Payment Security

Keep payments secure with card verification value (CVV) and address verification and a fraud protection tool that screens transactions for suspicious activity. Youll need to reach out to Payline Datas account manager to check for any additional cost for this service. As for chargeback protection, Payline Data uses Verifis Cardholder Dispute Resolution Network to provide up-to-date dispute data and comprehensive coverage.

Business Loans

Payline can help businesses apply for up to $1 million to use for business operations or growth with a small business loan from Lendio. It responds to applications within 24 hours.

Payline Medical

Payline Medical is a HIPAA-compliant payment processing product created exclusively for healthcare businesses and offered at a special medical rate. Although no longer advertised, Payline Data offers specialized rates and tools for businesses in the medical profession, including options for hardware and point-of-sale.


Nonprofit businesses qualify for a reduced rate and hosted payments page. Payline gateway and other third-party payment gateway partners provide advanced security features for ensuring safe and secure collection of donations. Payline Data also provides a secure form to gather donor information without requiring adding an extra step to your online donation process.

High-risk Merchants

Payline Data supports high-risk merchants operating in industries like travel, tobacco, and CBD. It works with more than 20 bank partners to provide you with the most opportunity for getting approved for a merchant account. Also, among Payline Datas list of partner payment gateway solutions is Network Merchants Inc. (NMI). High-risk merchants will benefit from its load balancing feature and ability to manage multiple merchant accounts through one gateway to avoid being unnecessarily flagged for potentially fraudulent transactions. It can also route transactions to specific accounts automatically.

Payline Data Ease of Use

Software Integrations

Payline Data offers hundreds of shopping cart and accounting software integrations for you to customize a solution that works best with your needs. Paylines secure gateway payment processor integrates with more than 200 online shopping carts, so you can accept payments online easily without impacting the customer experience. The QuickBooks integration allows you to check out real-time financial information and automate accounting tasks.

Not all payment processors offer a payment app like Payline Data, with POS features such as inventory, CRM, and reporting tools. However, if you want to run a small but growing business, you may find these functionalities somewhat limited. You will need to integrate with popular POS systems like Clover, Vend, and Shopify.

Next-day Funding

Deposit speed for your payment proceeds takes one to two business days. Payline Data commits to having your funds sent to you the next day, making it a competitive option for businesses that require fast access to funds.

Payline Data Customer Support

Payline Data has a customer support team available via email or phone. Phone support is available Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Central time. You can also review the frequently asked questions (FAQ) section to troubleshoot on your own and check the gateway service status page if youre having trouble processing payments. Payline Data also has a YouTube channel and blog where you can search for and discover helpful resources and information about merchant services.

What Users Think of Payline Data

While there arent many reviews available online, most users have given Payline Data a five-star rating and value its excellent customer service and fair processing fees.

  • Capterra : Four reviewers from Capterra give Payline Data 5 out of 5 stars .
  • G2 : Payline Data earns a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars , based on seven user reviews.

Below are trends we noticed when reading through Payline Data reviews:

Users Like Users Dont Like
Professional customer service Cannot process international payments
Easy to use Limited integrations
Fair pricing Occasional software glitches

Bottom Line

Payline Data is a subscription-based merchant services provider offering payment processing with a transparent pricing model that works well for both small and large businesses. There are features for in-person and online transactions, and Payline Data offers POS, mobile readers, and other payment processing hardware. Other features include virtual terminal, fraud protection, and chargeback prevention. Payline Data also has small business loans and exclusive merchant services solutions for nonprofit, medical, and high-risk businesses.

Payline Data offers a free one-month trialyou can schedule a call with someone from its sales department or apply online for same-day approval.

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