Video conferencias de 8×8 para grupos: una característica de UCAAS Spotlight

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88 video conferencing allows users to host virtual meetings on any device for up to 500 attendees. It helps businesses connect with their customers and enhance team collaboration. You can enjoy this feature by subscribing to any 88 plan, starting at $12 per user, per month.

What is 88 Video Conferencing?

Video conferencing, in general, allows users to host and manage high-definition (HD) online video and audio meetings. It is also a feature found in many unified communications as a service (UCaaS) platforms, but there are often limits imposed at lower-service tiers on meeting time or number of participants. 88 stands out from the competition by offering a more generous video conferencing solution and doesnt require participants to download an app to attend a meeting.

Those looking for a service that can help them host large group video conferences at a lower cost should try out 88s video conferencing through its Express plan for one month at no cost.

Key Features

88 video conferencing comes automatically with its base plan, Express. However, there are capabilities inside this feature that you can utilize according to your needs. Lets discuss these functionalities below.

HD Video and Audio Conferencing

88 video conferencing is applicable for various use cases, including education. (Source: 88 )

88 video conferencing lets you set up video meetings for up to 500 participants. It has screen-sharing features, third-party calendar (Google and Outlook) integrations, and no meeting or minute restriction. Joining a meeting for your participants is seamless, as it doesnt require them to download an app. 88 video conferencing is accessible through mobile and web browsers.

Additionally, 88 video conferencing comes with advanced moderation controls, such as meeting lock, participant lobby and permissions, and host delegation. A host may also set a meeting with optional end-to-end encryption to allow only the participants with the shared key to join the session.

Meeting Recordings

Quickly access the 88 video conferencing recording feature through the More Actions button in its user interface. (Source: 88 )

88 video conferencing enables you to record your virtual meetings for various purposes easily, such as documentation for participants who cannot attend or future references. If you initiated your session through a desktop or mobile app, you could choose to store the recording in your app or Dropbox. Those who hosted the meeting through the web browser must sign in to Dropbox to begin the recording.

Recordings stored in the app can be accessed through the Files button in the recent meetings list. Users can choose to share the recording through an 88-generated link or download the file. Recording links make the video files accessible for 72 hours. Users can generate another share link after this period.

YouTube Video Sharing and Live Streaming

Share YouTube videos in your virtual meetings through 88 video conferencing. (Source: 88 )

88 lets a host or participant share YouTube videos during your meetings, apart from on-screen content. This capability is helpful for those who want to share their promotional or informative videos on YouTube, instead of sharing their whole screens.

88 also allows you to stream your meetings live on YouTube. Those with participants exceeding the 500 limit can utilize this feature to ensure that their presentations reach a wider audience. 88 enables users to generate a YouTube streaming link to share with their attendees who do not need to present during the meeting.


88s meeting analytics dashboard displays visual information, including the total number of conferences and participants. (Source: 88 )

Users with access to admin settings can review an overview of video meeting information, such as meeting connectivity, participation, quality, and duration. These data are essential in analyzing your teams productivity and your attendees overall experience in participating in your meetings.

Participant Desktop Control

88 allows a host to request control of the participants desktop for demonstration purposes. (Source: 88 )

Control your participants desktop with 88 video conferencing. It lets you request permission from your attendee to allow remote desktop control if you are using the desktop app or desktop browser. This functionality helps you clarify or demonstrate solutions directly from your participants computer.

When to Use 88 Video Conferencing

While 88 offers an impressive video conferencing tool with a robust set of features, it doesnt mean it is the perfect match for your business. Learn when to use 88 video conferencing below:

  • Those who need support for up to 500 meeting participants: 88 isnt the only provider that allows up to 500 meeting participants. However, we highly recommend it because it provides this advantage for all users subscribed to any X-series plan. These subscriptions have low monthly rates that start at $24 per user when billed yearly. Additionally, it lets users stream their video conferences on YouTube for those who need to broadcast their sessions to more than 500 attendees.
  • Businesses that need a UCaaS and business phone system: If you also need to unify all of your business communications in a single platform, then 88 is for you. While there are more advanced video conferencing tools, like Webex by Cisco , not all platforms have features for handling calls, faxes, and text messages. 88 has a wide range of omnichannel capabilities in addition to its robust video conferencing solution.
  • Sales teams looking for an affordable video conferencing tool for live demos: 88 works best for sales teams that present live demos as it has essential features, like screen sharing and remote desktop control. It also enables users to record meetings that they can share with those who cannot attend live.

Are you looking for other options? Check out our list of the best video conferencing software to determine which provider works best for your needs.

How 88 Video Conferencing Compares With Other Top UCaaS Providers

88 video conferencing is part of a VoIP platform that lets users manage business communications anywhere with an internet-connected device. See how it compares with two of the top in our list of the best business phone systems below:

Included in Base Plan N/A N/A*
Meeting Duration Unlimited Up to 24 hours Unlimited
Meeting Participants Up to 500 Up to 500** Up to 250
Screen Sharing Desktop and Mobile Desktop and Mobile Desktop only
Virtual Backgrounds
Mobile Browser Support
Meeting Recordings
Calendar Integrations Outlook, Google Outlook, Google, iCal Google
Advanced Moderation Tools, Such as Lobby, Meeting Lock & Participant Permissions (No lobby room available)

*Nextiva only provides unlimited one-on-one video calling in its base plan. Video conferencing for up to 250 participants is only available in higher tiers.

**RingCentral MVP allows up to 200 meeting participants. However, users can purchase a Large Meetings add-on to support up to 500 attendees.

RingCentral also offers a free standalone video conferencing software, RingCentral Video . This tool includes team messaging, unlimited video meetings, screen sharing, and participant mute control.

Bottom Line

88 video conferencing is an excellent option for those who also need a UCaaS platform. It has essential tools for virtual meetings, including screen sharing, recording, and calendar integrations. If your sales teams conduct actual live demonstrations, this platform is also worth checking out. Learn more about this platform in our comprehensive 88 review to determine if it best fits your needs.

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How do I join an 8×8 meeting

Join a meeting from 8×8 Work or 8×8 Meet. Join a meeting from your calendar app.

If you dial in via SIP device:

  1. In the meeting invite, click the option to view more dial-in numbers, and scroll to the bottom of the list to view the meeting’s SIP address.
  2. From your SIP device, dial the meeting’s SIP address to join.

Is 8×8 Meet free

Completely New and Free, Video Conferencing Service: Here’s Why. Earlier in September, we introduced 8×8 Video Meetings, an HD video conferencing and collaboration service that integrates with Virtual Office. Today’s news is that we are introducing a new standalone edition. What’s more, we’re offering it 100% free !

How much does 8×8 Meet cost

8×8 Meet Pricing

Name Price Features
8×8 Video Meetings Small business phone system 8×8 Express $12.0050 Participants Month
8×8 Video Meetings Meetings Pro $9.0050 Participants Month
8×8 Video Meetings Meetings Free Free Trial50 Participants Month

What is 8×8 conferencing

8×8 Meet offers you a flexible web and audio conferencing experience that turns ordinary phone calls into productive meetings . Access a personal meeting space that can be used to schedule or instantly launch meetings, dial-in access from over 50 countries, meeting streaming to an unlimited audience, and much more!

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