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Founded in 2012, Bookkeeper360 is a financial technology firm that offers accounting and cloud-based bookkeeping as well as business advisory services. As a Xero Platinum partner, Bookkeeper360 provides seamless integration with Xeros cloud-based accounting software. Pricing starts at $399 per month for companies with up to $20,000 in monthly expenses and new customers get 20% off for the first three months.

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What We Recommend Bookkeeper360 For

Because of Bookkeeper360s partnership with Xeroone of our picks for the best small business accounting software its a top choice for businesses that are currently using Xero. Also, if your business is using accrual-based accounting, Bookkeeper360 can accommodate that. There are optional services available, such as payroll and tax filing, which make Bookkeeper360 a good fit for startups and growth-stage businessesBookkeeper360 can tailor these services as the company grows.

Who Bookkeeper360 Is Best For

  • Businesses using Xero accounting software: We recommend Bookkeeper360 as the best online bookkeeping service for Xero users because of its scalability and its seamless integration with Xero accounts.
  • Startups and growth-stage businesses: Because of its scalability and customizable solutions, Bookkeeper360 is a great option for these types of businesses. It offers add-on services such as payroll and human resources (HR) solutions, tax filing, and chief financial officer (CFO) advisory.
  • Businesses that are using accrual-based accounting: Accrual accounting is available with Bookkeeper360, which includes deferred revenue, inventory, and accrued expenses.

Who Bookkeeper360 Is Not a Good Fit For

  • Businesses using FreshBooks: If youre currently using FreshBooks, check out Bench for online bookkeeping assistance.
  • Businesses with no need for extras like payroll and tax filing that are looking for a basic bookkeeping service: If youre a freelancer, self-employed, or a small business without a need for payroll or other business services, we recommend Bench , which is a great solution for those looking for a tech-savvy provider.
  • Businesses that need to track income and expenses at an affordable price: If youd like a transparent price that you can depend on and that isnt determined by numerous variables, then Merritt Bookkeeping is a good option.

Not sure that Bookkeeper360 is the assisted bookkeeping service for you? Check out our article on the best online bookkeeping services .

Bookkeeper360 Pros & Cons

Free consultations Not as affordable as other options
Compatible with Xero and QuickBooks Online accounting software Not compatible with FreshBooks
Wide range of services and tailored solutions Although starting prices for each service are listed online, pricing is largely quote-based
No contract required, and you can cancel anytime Pay-as-you-go plan requires a $500 initial retainer
Simple setup that generally takes one to two weeks

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Bookkeeper360 vs Competitors

Visit Bookkeeper360 Visit QuickBooks Live Visit Bench
Pricing Starts at $399 per month Starts at $200 per month Starts at $299 per month
Maximum Monthly Expenses for Lowest Price Plan $20,000 $25,000 N/A
Account Cleanup
Cleanup Fee Included in plans $500 $299
Dedicated Bookkeeper
Monthly Bookkeeping
Weekly Bookkeeping N/A N/A
Cash or Accrual
Tax Filing Add-on fee starting at $200 per filing Separate plan via Intuit TurboTax Included in Premium Plan only
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Bookkeeper360 Pricing

Bookkeeper360 offers several different services and solutions for business owners and, because of the price of these different types of services, the total cost will vary. Below are the costs for the three subscription plans that Bookkeeper360 offers for core bookkeeping services. Any services beyond bookkeeping, such as payroll, HR, or taxes, are available at an additional cost. Bookkeeper360 can also help with getting your books up to date for an additional fee.

New customers can get 20% of their monthly service charge for the first three months.

Up to $20,000 in Monthly Expenses

Frequency Cash Accrual
Pay-As-You-Go $125 per hour of support $125 per hour of support
Monthly $399 per month including support $549 per month including support
Weekly $549 per month including support $749 per month including support

Up to $35,000 in Monthly Expenses

Frequency Cash Accrual
Pay-As-You-Go $125 per hour of support $125 per hour of support
Monthly $499 per month including support $649 per month including support
Weekly $649 per month including support $849 per month including support

Up to $50,000 in Monthly Expenses

Frequency Cash Accrual
Pay-As-You-Go $125 per hour of support $125 per hour of support
Monthly $599 per month including support $749 per month including support
Weekly $749 per month including support $949 per month including support

Up to $65,000 in Monthly Expenses

Frequency Cash Accrual
Pay-As-You-Go $125 per hour of support $125 per hour of support
Monthly $699 per month including support $849 per month including support
Weekly $849 per month including support $1,049 per month including support

Up to $100,000 in Monthly Expenses

Frequency Cash Accrual
Pay-As-You-Go $125 per hour of support $125 per hour of support
Monthly $899 per month including support $1,049 per month including support
Weekly $1,049 per month including support $1,249 per month including support

Over $100,000 in Monthly Expenses

Frequency Cash Accrual
Pay-As-You-Go $125 per hour of support $125 per hour of support
Monthly Custom Priced Custom Priced
Weekly Custom Priced Custom Priced

Bookkeeper360 App

Aside from bookkeeping services, Bookkeeper360 offers an app that summarizes your data from QuickBooks or Xero and transforms it into visually-appealing charts and graphs. At $19 per month, you can keep track of your business performance directly from the Bookkeeper360 app after integrating it with your QuickBooks Online or Xero account.

Other Services

  • CFO advisory: This service starts at $1,000 per quarter and includes business planning, profit, cost, margin analysis, coaching, corporate governance, capital strategies, and financial projections and forecasting.
  • Tax: This service starts at $800 per filing for businesses and $200 per filing for individuals. It includes business and individual taxation, sales taxation, 401(k) planning, tax planning, and tax credits.
  • Payroll & HR: This service starts at $45 per month and includes full-service filings, PTO and time tracking, workers compensation insurance, W-2s and 1099s, medical benefits, direct deposits, and department mapping.
  • Back-office : This service starts at $99 per month and includes invoicing and billings, inventory management, expense reimbursement, payments, collections, POS integrations, and ERP.

Bookkeeper360 Features

In addition to on-demand bookkeeping services, Bookkeeper360 offers a robust selection of bookkeeping and add-on services:

Accrual Bookkeeping

Bookkeeper360 allows the accrual basis of accounting with their bookkeeping service. If youre using the cash basis, Bookkeeping360 will handle the accruals and deferrals for you. The dedicated bookkeeper will meet you monthly to fix your books and generate monthly reports.

Dedicated Bookkeeper

Upon enrollment, youll be assigned a dedicated bookkeeper who will work with you to determine the best strategy for your business. Bookkeeper360 assigns United States-based bookkeepers to keep your books up to date.

Bookkeeper360 App

If youre using Xero or QuickBooks, both the desktop and mobile apps will connect to your account and provide information like scorecards and metrics. Using the app, you can keep track of business performance by looking at dashboards and auto-generated reports. You can view profit and loss details, revenues, direct costs, and net income. Yearly comparisons are also available.

Bookkeeper360 Business Performance Dashboard

If you want a more detailed view of business performance, you can switch to the Metrics view to see individual charts for revenue and common size amounts for gross profit, net income, and payroll. You can also check your working capital and debt-to-equity ratio to measure your business short-term and overall liquidity.

Financial Performance Metrics

The interactive dashboards of the Bookkeeper360 app give you information about the metric and show related information when you hover over a data point on the chart. Besides that, you can also switch to and from an accrual or cash basis when viewing your business performance reports. Under the accrual basis, youll see a clearer and more accurate snapshot of your business. However, the cash basis view is useful if youre using the cash basis in your business.

Cash Management

Cash Management and Insights

The Bookkeeper360 App can also provide cash management insights using illustrative charts. The charts will show your cash inflows and outflows for the past 12 months, past 24 months, last calendar year, last two calendar years, and last three calendar years. It also shows cash insights by computing your net cash after deducting credit card liabilities.

The cash runway, also called cash burn rate, shows the estimated number of months until cash runs out. For example, assuming that Pauls Plumbing has an average monthly cash outflow of $5,000, the cash runway would be 9.28 months. This number means that if the company maintains the same bank balance and cash outflow, the outstanding bank balance of $46,400 could last for 9.28 months.

CFO Advisory

The Bookkeeper360 team will work with you to analyze your financials and determine a strategy to manage and grow your business. This separate service includes capital management and business coaching. With a CFO, you can optimize your business, minimize costs, and maximize profits through effective planning, organizing, and monitoring.

The CFO will help in determining and evaluating key performance indicators, performing profitability analysis, developing a growth strategy, and optimizing cash flow. If youre planning to expand your business but need additional capital, the CFO will help you forecast the business financials, craft business plans, and determine the optimal capital structure.

Payroll & HR

The payroll team will process payroll for both employees and contractors and provide full-service support with health benefits, direct deposit setup, W-2s, and 1099s. Bookkeeper360 also integrates with other payroll providers like Gusto and ADP.

Using the HRS360 app, Bookkeeper360 can provide access to a forms library, sales benchmarking tools, and HR professionals. HRS360 also provides assistance with federal and state compliance, training videos, employee onboarding forms, and job descriptions.


Bookkeeper360 offers tax services that include individual or business income tax filings, sales and local tax filings, 1099 reporting, and overall tax planning and compliance.


Bookkeeper360s back-office solution provides merchant services that can integrate with Xero and QuickBooks and includes next-day funding as well as receivables and payables management. More importantly, it can also help you manage inventory by assisting in costing, order management, pricing, and maintaining optimal stock levels.

Easy Transition to QuickBooks or Xero

If youre currently using another software platform, Bookkeeper360 can convert your existing accounting files.

Bookkeeper360: Working With Your Bookkeeper

When you sign up for Bookkeeper360, youll be assigned a dedicated bookkeeper who will meet with you over the phone to create a service strategy that meets your needs. That includes determining the frequency of the service and deciding whether you require services in addition to bookkeeping, such as payroll and HR or tax filing. Then, youll connect Bookkeeper360 to your accounting systemeither QuickBooks or Xeroand work online collaboratively with your bookkeeper to manage your finances.

If you need to reach your bookkeeper, you can do so at any time via email, live chat, or phone. Meetings to review financial reports are scheduled on a monthly basis and are conducted by phone. The bookkeeper will also grant you access to their screen so that you can view your books.

Bookkeeper 360 Mobile App

Bookkeeper360 has developed its own app, which integrates with Xero and QuickBooks Online, that allows you to view your financial data, track your goals, and access your accounting experts all in one place. It also provides on-demand access to a full team of bookkeepers, certified public accountants (CPAs), and experienced advisors who can assist with all aspects of accounting, back-office, payroll, tax, and business advisory services. All plans include the use of the Bookkeeper360 app.

Bookkeeper360 Reporting

There are a variety of reports related to business performance, cash management, and payroll analytics that are available within the app. Some of these reports include:

  • Business performance: These reports will allow you to:
    • Track revenue, direct costs, and expenses
    • Track revenue, gross profit, and net income metrics
    • Track working capital and debt to equity metrics
    • View year-over-year and month-over-month comparisons
    • View profit and loss (P&L) reports

Trend Analysis in Bookkeeper360

  • Payroll analytics: View the payroll expense breakdown, costs and headcount by department, and average revenue and net income by headcount.

View of Bookkeeper360s Payroll Analytics
(Source: Bookkeeper360)

Bookkeeper360 Alternatives

Bench QuickBooks Live Merritt Bookkeeping
Best for : FreshBooks users looking for online bookkeeping assistance. Best for : Businesses looking for personalized insight from a QuickBooks Live bookkeeper Best for : Small businesses looking for simple tracking of income and expenses on a budget
Starting at $299 per month Starting at $200 per month $190 per month

Bottom Line

Bookkeeper360 is an accounting solution designed to help businesses view financial data, streamline bookkeeping operations, and track goals on a unified platform. It allows business owners to create business and financial plans, conduct cost and margin analysis, generate income statements, and calculate sales taxes.

What are the 4 important activities in bookkeeping

The process of bookkeeping involves four basic steps: 1) analyzing financial transactions and assigning them to specific accounts; 2) writing original journal entries that credit and debit the appropriate accounts; 3) posting entries to ledger accounts; and 4) adjusting entries at the end of each accounting period.

How much do virtual bookkeeping services cost

The average price of outsourcing your bookkeeping needs ranges from $500 to $2,500 a month depending on the number of transactions and complexity of services required.

How do you clean up messy bookkeeping

Take a look at the following tips on how to clean up messy bookkeeping.

  1. Check for data entry errors. You need to record every business transaction.
  2. Reconcile your accounts.
  3. Make adjusting entries.
  4. Look for duplicates.
  5. Upgrade the way you manage your books.
  6. Consult an accounting professional.

How do I practice bookkeeping

10 Best Practices for Your Business Bookkeeping

  1. Keep personal and business income and purchases separate.
  2. Establish internal controls.
  3. Stay current with automatic bank downloads.
  4. Reconcile your bank accounts.
  5. Review your financial reports.
  6. Keep detailed payable and receivable records.
  7. Back up your accounting software.
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