4 mejores software de nómina para compañías de transporte en 2022

Unlike hourly and salaried employees, truckers may have pay rates based on miles driven or truckloads carried. The best payroll for trucking companies can support these unique scenarios and fulfill trucking-specific requirements while simplifying salary calculations and payment processes.

To find the top trucking payroll software, we looked at 16 optionsfrom general payroll solutions to transportation management systems (TMS) that include payroll. We narrowed it down to our four best.

  • Gusto : Best overall payroll software for trucking companies
  • QuickBooks Payroll : Best for QuickBooks users
  • TruckLogics + PayWow add-on : Best for Southern and Eastern state trucking companies wanting a full TMS with integrated payroll add-on
  • ADP Run : Best for growing trucking companies needing strong human resources (HR) tools

Best Trucking Payroll Software Compared

Starter Monthly Pricing $40 + $6 per employee $45 + $5 per employee $29.95 plus $25 + $4 per employee for payroll Custom priced
Special Contractor-only Plan* $6 per contractor monthly $0 (Basic) or $9 (Pro) monthly
Driver and Non-driver Payroll
Unlimited Pay Runs
Payroll Tax Payments and Filings Nine states only
Pay by Mile, Work Hour, or Percentage Limited Limited Limited
International Fuels Tax Agreement (IFTA) Reporting
Payment Options Pay cards, checks, and direct deposits Checks and direct deposits Checks and direct deposits Pay cards, direct deposits, and checks (with signing and stuffing services)
Standard Direct Deposit Timelines Two and four days Next day Four days Two days
Health Benefits Available 39 states only
Time Tracking Included in PayWows paid options Costs extra
Visit Gusto Visit QuickBooks Payroll Visit TruckLogics Visit ADP Run

Which Trucking Payroll Service is Right For You?

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Gusto: Best Overall Payroll Software for Trucking Companies


Overall Score: 4.23 OUT OF 5

Trucking-specific tools 2.88 OUT OF 5
HR features 4.50 OUT OF 5
Payroll features 4.75 OUT OF 5
Popularity 5.00 OUT OF 5
Reporting 5.00 OUT OF 5
Expert review: 4.25 OUT OF 5

What We Like

  • Reasonably priced plans with full-service payroll in all tiers
  • Affordable contractor-only plan
  • Multiple payment options, including payroll card and on-demand pay

What’s Missing

  • Lacks integration with TMSes
  • Has limited trucking-specific features
  • Health insurance is available only in 39 states

Gusto Pricing

  • Simple: $40 per month + $6 per employee monthly
    • Includes full-service payroll, tax filings, payroll tax filings, single state pay processing, two- and four-day direct deposits, employee benefits, new hire reporting, offer letter templates, onboarding, and basic support
  • Plus: $80 per month + $12 per employee monthly
    • Simple + next-day direct deposits, time and paid time off (PTO) tracking, applicant tracking, basic job postings, project tracking, and full support with extended support hours
  • Premium: Custom-priced
    • Plus + performance reviews, surveys, full-service payroll migration, access to HR experts, direct line to priority phone and email support, and a dedicated account manager
  • Contractor-only plan: $6 per contractor monthly
    • Full-service payroll, four-day direct deposits, and state new hire reporting


  • State payroll tax registration: Pricing varies per state
  • HR advisory services for Plus plan only: $8 per employee monthly (this is included for free in the Premium tier)

Gusto ranks No. 1 on our lists of the best online payroll software and leading payroll solutions . It is also our top-recommended payroll for trucking companies because it can manage pay processes for both driver and non-driver staff at reasonable rates. For a monthly fee of $39 plus $6 per person, it can calculate employee and contractor pay, handle PTO and time tracking, and file federal, state, and local taxes for you.

It also offers essential HR tools like onboarding and new hire reporting and a variety of benefits options, from retirement plans to workers compensation and commuter benefits. However, its health insurance coverage isnt as wide as those of QuickBooks Payroll and ADP Runboth have benefits plans that cover all 50 states, while Gustos is available only in 39 states as of this writing. TruckLogics doesnt have this feature.

Scoring 4.23 out of 5 in our evaluation, Gusto received perfect marks in pricing, reporting, and user popularity. Many users find its interface intuitive and its support team helpful. It also scored well (4.25 to 4.75) in several of our other criteria, given its ease of use, efficient HR features, and solid payroll tools. It would have gotten a higher overall rating if not for the limited coverage of its health benefits and lack of TMS features, like IFTA information tracking.

With Gusto, you can input additional employee earnings like per-diem for meals, bonuses, and commission payouts.
(Source: Gusto)

Gusto Key Features

User-friendly platform

Gustos intuitive platform makes navigating through all its features easy for users. Its online tools are simple to learn, unlike ADP Run, which has a moderately steep learning curve. If you have questions about its functionalities, Gusto has how-to guides, an online help center, and phone, email, and chat support.

Robust payroll tools

You get full-service payroll with unlimited and automatic pay runs. Plus, you can add custom earning types, such as payment by milessomething most payroll companies dont do. Youll need an integration like Timeero to track miles, however.

In addition to payroll tax payments and filings, Gusto automatically generates and sends electronic copies of W-2s/1099s to employees for free. This is unlike ADP Run, which charges an additional fee for that service. TruckLogics, with the PayWow add-on also offers tax payment and filing services, provided you get the Complete Payroll option.

Multiple payment options

You can pay employees through manual checks, pay cards, and direct deposits with two- and four-day options (next-day if you get its higher tiers). It also has a Gusto Cashout feature that lets your staff access earned wageswherein the amount is based on estimated accrued net salariesbefore paydays. This could be useful for advances for drivers.

However, if you need faster direct deposits, consider QuickBooks Payroll since it offers next- and same-day options. If you prefer check payments, ADP Run has check signing and stuffing servicesfeatures the three other providers on our list dont offer.

Efficient HR tools and support

Aside from payroll, you are granted access to employee onboarding, time tracking, and self-service tools, including compliance alerts and support from HR experts. Gusto also provides several benefits options like medical, dental, vision, retirement, commuter benefits, workers compensation, health savings account (HSA), flexible spending account (FSA), and 529 college savings.

However, its health benefits are unavailable in 11 states: Alabama, Alaska, Hawaii, Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, West Virginia, and Wyoming.

Gusto can help you integrate your current health insurance plans with its platform or create a new benefits package for your employees.
(Source: Gusto)

Smart reporting

You can run and customize a wide range of reports, from payroll registers to bank transaction summaries and workforce costs. Gusto also lets you create custom payroll journals, employee lists, and employment status reports.

QuickBooks Payroll: Best for Trucking Companies Using QuickBooks Accounting

QuickBooks Payroll

Overall Score: 4.19 OUT OF 5

Trucking-specific tools 2.63 OUT OF 5
HR features 5.00 OUT OF 5
Payroll features 4.75 OUT OF 5
Popularity 3.75 OUT OF 5
Reporting 5.00 OUT OF 5
Expert review 3.75 OUT OF 5
Ease of use 4.50 OUT OF 5

What We Like

  • Health benefits available in all US states
  • Next-day direct deposits included even in starter tier
  • User-friendly with an intuitive interface

What’s Missing

  • Limited trucking-specific features; lacks IFTA tracking
  • Requires QuickBooks to integrate payroll and bookkeeping, including third-party TMSes and other software
  • Doesnt handle local payroll tax payments and filings unless you upgrade to its highest plan

QuickBooks Payroll Pricing

  • Core: $45 + $5 per employee
    • Includes full-service payroll, next-day direct deposit, federal and state tax filings and payments, and access to 401(k) plans and benefits
  • Premium: $75 + $8 per employee
    • Core + same-day direct deposit; federal, state, and local tax payments and filings; workers compensation administration; and HR support center
  • Elite: $125 + $10 per employee
    • Premium + multiple state tax filing, project tracking, personal HR adviser, tax penalty protection up to $25,000 per year, and expert setup

QuickBooks Payroll is another popular system that has made our payroll best-of lists. When used with QuickBooks accounting software, it can integrate with TMSes, making it a great payroll option for trucking companies. Its pay processing tools are efficient and robust, letting you run unlimited payrolls with next- and same-day direct deposit options. It doesnt charge for setup, plus it works with SimplyInsured for employee health benefits and Mammoth for expert HR support. This is in contrast to TruckLogics, which doesnt offer benefits plans and has very basic HR features.

It earned 4.19 out of 5 in our evaluation, with perfect marks in pricing, HR features, and reporting. It scored the lowest in trucking-specific tools because QuickBooks Payroll doesnt have a direct way to pay by milesyou have to manually calculate and input the applicable rates when you run payroll. However, with QuickBooks Online, you can set up vendor profiles for employees, so you can track and reimburse mileage per driver or import the information from your TMS.

In terms of user feedback, many left positive comments on third-party review sites like G2 and Capterra. They commended QuickBooks Payrolls ease of use and efficient pay processing tools.

When adding employees into QuickBooks Payroll, the system helps you set up how often they are paid and what their deductions are.
(Source: QuickBooks)

QuickBooks Payroll Features

Ease of use

QuickBooks Payroll has an intuitive interface with tools that are easy to learn and use. You can even set up and do payroll in just a few clicks. In case you require assistance, it offers customer support (through phone and 24/7 live chat), how-to guides, video tutorials, and a community forum with other QuickBooks users. However, the how-to section is cluttered and hard to search compared to the others on our list.

Pay processing and tax filing even while on the go

You get comprehensive pay processing tools and fast direct deposits (quicker than any of the providers on our list with its same-day option). Its mobile apps (for iOS and Android devices) let you run payroll and electronically file and pay taxes even while on the goprovided you have an available internet connection. Aside from ADP Run, the other providers on our list dont have mobile apps for payroll administrators.

With QuickBooks Payrolls mobile apps, you can easily approve pay runs through tablets and smartphones.
(Source: QuickBooks Payroll)

Efficient HR tools

Online onboarding, time and PTO tracking, and employee benefits (such as health insurance, retirement plans, and pay-as-you-go workers compensation) are just some of the HR features that come with QuickBooks Payroll. Unlike Gusto, its health insurance options are available across the US. However, if youre looking for nonstandard benefits, ADP Run is a good choice since it offers retail and restaurant discounts for employees.

Integration with TMS

You can connect to TMS solutions like Tailwind and Kuebixprovided you have QuickBooks. ADP Run and TruckLogics offer similar integration options, whereas Gusto doesnt integrate with a TMS.

Robust reporting

Aside from payroll-related documents, you can generate and customize reports that show time sheet activity and labor costs by driver and fleet.

TruckLogics + PayWow: Best for Trucking Companies Needing a Full TMS With Integrated Payroll Add-on


Overall Score: 3.57 OUT OF 5

Trucking-specific tools 5.00 OUT OF 5
HR features 2.75 OUT OF 5
Payroll features 3.63 OUT OF 5
Popularity 1.88 OUT OF 5
Reporting 2.50 OUT OF 5
Expert review 3.13 OUT OF 5
Ease of use 3.38 OUT OF 5

What We Like

  • Easy to learn and use
  • Includes IFTA tracking
  • Inexpensive for very small trucking companies/indie drivers
  • Integrates seamlessly with PayWow payroll

What’s Missing

  • Nondriver payroll limited to nine states
  • Payroll is an add-on
  • Lacks employee benefits options and benefits administration tools

TruckLogics Pricing*

  • One to two trucks: $9.95 to $29.95 per month
  • Three to seven trucks: $29.95 to $69.95 per month
  • Eight to 14 trucks: $49.95 to $89.95 per month
  • 15-plus trucks: $79.95 to $119.95 per month

*Basic plans include truck dispatch, load, contact, document, and staff management tools. Higher tiers come with extensive IFTA reporting features.

PayWow Add-on

  • Contractor pay: Basic service is free (check payments only); Pro plan costs $9 per month + $1.49 per direct deposit
  • Complete payroll (with tax filing services): $25 per month + $4 per employee monthly

TruckLogics is a comprehensive TMS that includes everything from truck dispatch and IFTA tracking to maintenance scheduling to driver management. It also has business intelligence tools and online document management, plus it can handle driver settlements and manage your accounts. If you want payroll for your nondriver staff, its PayWow add-on is inexpensive compared to the other plans on our list and can handle contractors, hourly, and salaried employees.

PayWow is designed by the same company that made TruckLogics, so the two integrate seamlessly. However, the biggest drawback is that PayWows complete payroll plan is available only in Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, New Jersey, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas as of this writing.

With 3.57 out of 5 on our evaluation, TruckLogics + PayWow earned high marks (3 and up) in nearly all of our criteria and a perfect score in trucking-specific features. It lost points due to its lack of employee benefits options, limited report customizations, and the low number of average user reviews on third-party sites like G2 and Capterra. However, users still find TruckLogics easy to learn and use. They also appreciate its breadth of trucking management tools and good customer support.

TruckLogics by itself can handle paying drivers. (Source: TruckLogics)

With the PayWow integration, TruckLogics allows you to process unlimited payroll for both drivers and nondriver staff. (Source: PayWow)

TruckLogics + PayWow Features

Comprehensive mobile app

TruckLogics mobile app works for employers and drivers and has no limit on users. The toolset depends on the plan you purchase but can include dispatch, filing Form 2290s, logging trips, fuel purchases, per diem, storing receipts, and more. ADP Run and QuickBooks Payroll both have mobile apps, but the functionalities are more HR- and payroll-related.

You can track dispatches via TruckLogics mobile app. (Souce: TruckLogics)

Complete set of TMS tools

TruckLogics is the only trucking payroll software we reviewed that has a complete set of trucking management tools. Its features include dispatch scheduling and assignment, miles calculations, bills of lading, and invoicing. You can also monitor truck maintenance schedules, driver preferences, and IFTA information. TruckLogics even offers several reporting options, from year-end taxes to equipment maintenance and insurance tracking. Plus, it provides an online portal for drivers.

Pay drivers and staff

If all you want is to reimburse drivers, TruckLogics can handle that with a simple process. It lets you pay drivers by miles driven, a flat hourly rate, and a percentage of hauling fees. You can also add reimbursements and deductions (like fuel and parking fees) that are not part of the truck dispatch.

However, its payroll add-on, PayWow, gives you more flexibility. It lets you manage driver and dispatch settlements, reimbursements, and deductions. You can pay hourly and salaried employees and use the included time tracker for capturing your workers actual hours worked. Plus, it deposits and files state and federal taxes for you.

It also has an online self-service portal and mobile apps for iOS and Android devices where employees can clock in/out, view pay stubs, and access tax forms. While it lacks the advanced tools like employee benefits found in Gusto, QuickBooks, and ADP Run, it nonetheless offers a simple but effective payroll designed for the trucking industry.

A view of PayWows self-service portal for employees
(Source: PayWow)

ADP Run: Best for Growing Trucking Companies Needing Strong HR Tools


Overall Score: 3.52 OUT OF 5

Trucking-specific tools 2.88 OUT OF 5
HR features 5.00 OUT OF 5
Payroll features 4.25 OUT OF 5
Popularity 4.38 OUT OF 5
Reporting 5.00 OUT OF 5
Expert review 3.00 OUT OF 5
Ease of use 3.52 OUT OF 5

What We Like

  • Multiple payroll plans to choose from
  • Feature-rich HR suite that offers hiring, payroll, time tracking, benefits, and talent management tools
  • Integrates with TMSes

What’s Missing

  • Pricing isnt transparent
  • Time tracking, health insurance, and workers compensation are paid add-ons
  • W-2/1099 form delivery and filing are available for an additional fee
  • Lacks IFTA tracking

ADP Run Pricing

  • Essential: Custom-priced
    • Includes full-service payroll, tax filings and year-end tax reports, new hire reporting, and onboarding tools
  • Enhanced: Custom-priced
    • Essential + check signing and stuffing services, state unemployment insurance (SUI) management, ZipRecruiter job postings, and background checks
  • Complete: Custom-priced
    • Enhanced + access to HR forms, an employee handbook wizard, and a dedicated HR support team
  • HR Pro: Custom-priced
    • Complete + online training programs, employee handbook creation assistance, and HR advisory services

ADP Run is a versatile payroll program that can meet the needs of small to large businesses in a variety of industries, including trucking. It has multiple payroll packages with a wide range of payroll and HR features to support trucking companies as they grow. It even offers professional employer organization (PEO) services if you need expert assistance in handling HR administrative tasks without expanding your in-house HR team.

With an overall score of 3.52 out of 5 in our evaluation, it earned perfect ratings in HR features and reporting and high marks (4 and up) in user popularity and payroll functionalities. Compared to Gusto, ADP Run offers a wider range of payroll tools for truckers as it supports nondriver staff designations and integrates with trucking software. It also has background checks, which is useful when hiring drivers. However, nontransparent pricing, additional fees for year-end tax reporting, and the lack of IFTA tracking features prevented ADP Run from ranking higher on our list.

In terms of user reviews, many reviewers said ADP Run is generally easy to use with efficient payroll tools that help save them time. Meanwhile, some users complained about pricing, adding that many of the features they need are paid add-ons or require a plan upgrade.

ADP Run lets you manage payroll on the web or mobile.
(Source: ADP Run)

ADP Run Features

Feature-rich platform

Compared to TruckLogics, Gusto, and QuickBooks Payroll, ADP Run has the most extensive HR solution suite, enabling you to efficiently handle the entire employee lifecycle. Aside from payroll, it offers recruitment, time and attendance, benefits, learning and development, and performance management tools. It even provides HR outsourcing and PEO services. Of course, these extras come at an increased price.

Efficient HR solutions

While several of the products on our list have basic onboarding tools, ADP Run offers complete employee onboarding tools, including background checks. Its mobile appsiOS and Androidalso let your employees access their pay stubs, tax forms, timesheets, and benefits information while on the go.

Theres even a mobile app for payroll administrators to run payroll, whereas Gusto and TruckLogics with the PayWow add-on dont offer this. Plus, if you need expert support, ADP Run has a team of HR professionals that can assist you with compliance and HR issuesprovided you subscribe to its higher tiers.

Trucker-friendly payroll tools

ADP Run can handle nondriver staff designations and integrates with TMSes, such as Tenstreet and allGeo. Aside from hours worked, it supports pay calculations by other means like miles drivena pay processing functionality that most trucking companies need. Gusto and QuickBooks Payroll cant do this automatically.

Multiple payment options with secure paychecks

In addition to direct deposits, you can pay employees through paychecks and a Wisely Direct debit card. If you subscribe to ADP Runs premium payroll packages, you are granted access to paychecks with advanced fraud protection features, including check signing and stuffing servicesa feature that none of the other providers in this guide offers.

Robust reporting

You can view, run, customize, and print a wide range of payroll and HR reports.

If you need help selecting from our list of top payroll for trucking companies, follow our step-by-step guide on choosing payroll services .

How We Chose the Best Payroll Software for Trucking Companies

In our evaluation of the best trucking payroll software, we compared a mix of trucking software with payroll functionalities and payroll software that would allow payment by miles or loads. We chose solutions that offered the best combination of payroll processing and trucking-specific features, giving priority to the latter.

Trucking-specific systems (like TMSes) usually scored high for trucking-related features but low for essential HR and payroll functionalities. Similarly, payroll software providers offer solid pay processing and HR solutions but limited trucking features. Youll need to decide your priorities when selecting.

To see our full evaluation criteria for the best payroll software for trucking companies, click through the tabs in the box below:

  • Breakdown
  • Trucking-specific tools
  • Pricing
  • Payroll features
  • Expert review
  • HR features
  • Reporting
  • Ease of use
  • Popularity

20% Trucking-specific tools 15% Pricing 15% Payroll features 15% Expert review 10% HR features 10% Reporting 10% Ease of use 5% Popularity

20% of Overall Score

Trucking companies need more than basic payroll. We looked for software that let you pay by miles, designate roles, track IFTA information, and integrate with or are part of a trucking system. TruckLogics received a perfect score here because its platform is primarily a TMS with robust tools for managing your fleet and truck dispatches.

15% of Overall Score

We gave points for plans costing less than $100 monthly for five employees. We also favored companies with transparent pricing, no set-up fees, and unlimited pay runs. Gusto and QuickBooks Payroll earned perfect scores here.

15% of Overall Score

Software that can calculate taxes and offer two-day direct deposits and other payroll tools, such as automatic pay runs and year-end tax report preparation and delivery, are rated favorably. Gusto and QuickBooks Payroll earned the highest points in this criterion, both scoring 4.75 out of 5.

15% of Overall Score

Our experts considered affordability and how well the features meet the needs of small trucking businesses for HR and payroll. Gusto received a perfect score here, while ADP Run posted the lowest rating (3 out 5), mainly because of its non-transparent pricing and limited trucking-specific features.

10% of Overall Score

We looked for HR tools like new hire reporting, online onboarding, compensation management, training, performance management, and self-service portals. Of the four providers on our list, only TruckLogics didnt get a perfect score here since it doesnt have a lot of HR functionalities, even with the PayWow add-on.

10% of Overall Score

Aside from having access to standard payroll reports, we looked at whether you can customize them. The platforms that met all the requirements in these criteria are QuickBooks Payroll, ADP Run, and Gusto.

10% of Overall Score

We looked for features that make the software easy to learn and use, such as having an intuitive and modern-looking interface. We also checked the integration options available, file export capabilities, and the type of customer support offered. Gusto and QuickBooks Payroll are the highest scorers (4 and up) here.

5% of Overall Score

We considered online user reviews from third-party sites (like G2 and Capterra) based on a 5-star scale, wherein any option with an average of 4-plus stars is ideal. Also, software with 1,000 or more reviews on third-party sites is preferred. Gusto earned a perfect score here, followed by ADP Run. Both QuickBooks Payroll and TruckLogics lost some points mainly because they had fewer than 1,000 reviews online.

*Percentages of overall score

Bottom Line

Trucking companies have many moving parts to keep track ofand were not just talking about the trucks themselves. With the best trucking payroll software, especially one that is part of a TMS or can integrate with one, your office staff can keep your drivers paid on time and accurately.

Although its not TMS software, we chose Gusto as the best payroll software for trucking companies. It has an excellent range of payroll and HR features, including benefits. In addition, you can set it to pay according to mileage or load rather than by hour or salary. It has a cheaper plan for contractors too. Sign up for Gusto today.

Visit Gusto

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