Cómo obtener su licencia de bienes raíces de Oklahoma

To start your real estate career in Oklahoma, youre required to first obtain your provisional sales associate license (PSA). Then, complete post-licensing education under the supervision of your brokerage before becoming a fully licensed sales associate. You also must complete 90 initial education hours, a background check, proof of citizenship, license application, and submit a passing exam score. This step-by-step guide will navigate every Okie through the process of getting your Oklahoma real estate license.

1. Meet the Legal Requirements for Your Oklahoma Real Estate License

The legal requirements to qualify for an Oklahoma real estate license are typical compared to other states. You must be at least 18 years of age, possess a high school diploma or GED, and provide proof of U.S. citizenship or that you are a lawfully admitted resident. This can typically be accomplished with a copy of a birth certificate or valid passport, but other documents can be utilized for verification.

If you have a criminal record, especially a felony, it will be difficult to become a real estate agent in Oklahoma. Although certain crimes have a statute of limitations, make sure to take a look at the Oklahoma Real Estate License Code and Rules guidelines, specifically Section 13.1 of Title 21 , to see if you qualify to move forward in the real estate licensing process.

Did You Know?

Oklahoma has non-resident reciprocity agreements with the following eight states: Alabama, Arkansas, Iowa, Louisiana, Maryland, Nebraska, North Dakota, and South Dakota. This means that by following the rules and regulations , you may also qualify for an Oklahoma real estate license in addition to the license you already possess.

Also, Oklahoma is a physical state in terms of portability. It allows agents and brokers to conduct business in another state but doesnt allow them to enter the state for the purpose of conducting real estate business. To learn more about real estate license portability in Oklahoma, check out our guide on real estate license reciprocity and portability .

2. Complete Required Prelicensing Courses

Once you meet the states requirements, you can start on your prelicensing courses. For $120 to $449, education can be completed in-person or through an accredited online real estate provider in Oklahoma. Each school must cover the Oklahoma Real Estate Commission (OREC)-mandated topics below:

  • Property Ownership
  • Land Use Controls and Regulations
  • Valuation and Market Analysis
  • Financing
  • General Principles of Agency
  • Property Disclosures
  • Contract
  • Leasing and Property Management
  • Transfer of Title
  • Practice of Real Estate
  • Real Estate Calculations
  • Laws and Rules Affecting Oklahoma Real Estate Practice
  • Oklahoma Broker Relationships Act
  • Disclosures and Hazards
  • Trust Accounts and Trust Fund

Did You Know?

Although Oklahoma does not waive education or examination for any licensee candidates, it has adopted a point waiver system that will get you closer to obtaining an upgraded brokers license to run your own brokerage. A broker applicant who has not completed a two-year provisional sales associate or sales associate license period may qualify with equivalent experience. Take a look at the Point Waiver Form to see if you qualify.

There are many real estate education schools to choose from, but if youre looking to get started right away, Kevo University is a great option. With a 4.9 out of 5-star Google rating, this provider boasts a reasonably priced education in a variety of course formats.

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3. Complete Fingerprinting & Background Check

Your Oklahoma real estate license application will require that you submit fingerprints and pass a background check, so its best to schedule them as soon as you finish your prelicensing education. Fingerprints can be completed through IdentoGO for in-state or out-of-state candidates. You will be prompted to register with a service code, which is 2B7NR3, as well as pay the $60 fee directly on the website via credit or debit card.

The OREC does not have access to your report until they receive an application, so its important to complete these tasks simultaneously. It takes about 72 hours for IdentoGO to submit your background check to the commission.

4. Apply for Your Oklahoma Real Estate License

While your fingerprints are being processed, you want to quickly move forward with applying for your PSA license so they can be completed at the same time. This can be done by creating an account on the OREC website , where you will be required to submit the following documents outlined in the Applicant Checklist :

  • $100 fee
  • Evidence of completion of your prelicensing education
  • Fingerprints and background check
  • Proof of citizenship

The OREC will review and approve your application within five days and will notify you via email. If you are missing any piece of documentation, they will reach out via email to gather additional documents.

5. Take the Oklahoma Real Estate Exam

Once youve gotten through all the required documentation, its time to take your exam. The pass rate for the Oklahoma real estate license exam is about 55%, which is lower than most states. The test is administered on a computer, and your results will be displayed immediately after exam completion. If you pass, you will only be given a passing score. And if you fail, you will be given an actual score and a diagnostic breakdown of your strengths and weaknesses per category.

Fortunately, if you do not pass the exam, you can reschedule immediately, and there is no limit on the number of attempts you can take in order to pass. Although applications are valid for only one year, if you do not submit a passing score within a year, a new application and background check must be submitted to the OREC.

Oklahoma Real Estate Exam Details

Test Format Multiple choice
Test Length 130 questions
Time Limit 3 hours
Items to Bring to Exam One valid form of identification with signature and photo ID. You may choose from the following:

  • State-issued drivers license
  • State-issued identification card
  • U.S. government-issued passport
  • U.S. government-issued military identification card
  • U.S. government-issued alien registration card
  • Canadian government-issued ID
Passing Score 70% to pass the Oklahoma Real Estate Salesperson Exam
Pass Rate 55%

Schedule Your Exam

Once your application is approved, you will receive an automated email from the OREC. It includes your Candidate ID number to register for the exam through PSI , a national provider for state licensing exams.

To begin scheduling, youll be required to create an account on the PSI website, which will then allow access to the scheduling portal. You will receive a copy of the Candidate Information Bulletin for additional testing information. The fee to take the exam is $60 and can be paid directly on the website using a credit or debit card.

For extra assistance studying for your exam, we recommend Real Estate Exam Scholar for a comprehensive exam prep course. It offers top-notch exam prep for an affordable price. Even better, it also extends a money-back guarantee if you dont pass on the first try.

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6. Pick a Company to Work For

To hold an active Oklahoma real estate license, you must find a sponsoring brokerage to affiliate your license. Once youve passed your exam, you can apply for License Issuance through the Application Portal, or your brokerage can complete the Issuance for Real Estate License Form in order to activate your license with their firm.

To make your choice a little bit easier, check out our in-depth guide on choosing the right real estate company to work for . Although there are many successful brokerages in the Sooner State, below youll find the top five brokerages reported for 2021.

Rank Team Name Company City Volume
1 Hopper Group RE/MAX Results Owasso $63,715,898.00
2 Ary Land Co Keller Williams Realty Tulsa $58,608,100.50
3 Brett Boone Real Estate Team Keller Williams Realty Oklahoma City $55,184,839.47
4 The Brian Woodward Team RE/MAX Energy Yukon $54,692,776.00
5 918HomeTeam Keller Williams Realty Broken Arrow $52,823,817.00

(Source: Real Trends 2021)

Oklahoma Cities With Highest Median Sales Price 2021

Your commission depends directly on the price that homes are selling for in a particular area. To get a sense of which cities are bringing in the bucks in Oklahoma, check out this sales data from Towncharts.com below:

Rank City Median Home Value
1 Nichols Hills $799,900
2 Edmond $240,600
3 Bixby $223,900
4 Piedmont $222,300
5 Jenks $214,300
6 Newcastle $197,900
7 Tuttle $197,600
8 Blanchard $191,700
9 Stillwater $184,900
10 Norman $183,200

7. Start Your Real Estate Career

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How much does it cost to become a real estate agent in Oklahoma

How Much Does It Cost to Get a Real Estate License in Oklahoma? The total cost to get your license is roughly $699.00 . This includes education fees, application fees, background check fees, and exam fees.

How do you become a licensed real estate agent in Oklahoma

How Do You Get Your Real Estate License in Oklahoma?

  1. Complete a 90-hour Basic Pre-License Course.
  2. Submit your real estate license application to the Oklahoma Real Estate Commission (OREC).
  3. Complete a background check.
  4. Pass the Oklahoma Salesperson exam.
  5. Pay your license fee to the Oklahoma Real Estate Commission.

How do I become a good land agent

With that in mind, here are 10 tips for becoming the best real estate agent in your area.

  1. Learn the Art of Communication.
  2. Form Partnerships.
  3. Join HARO.
  4. Host Open Houses.
  5. Use E-mail Marketing.
  6. Maintain Relationships.
  7. Have an Online Presence.
  8. Qualify Your Clients Before You Work With Them.

How do you become a property manager in Oklahoma

Experience: must have two years of active experience as a sales associate or provisional sales associate . Education: must submit evidence of successful completion of ninety clock hours of advanced real estate instruction in a course approved by the Oklahoma Real Estate Commission. Exam: must pass the broker examination.