Mejores signos inmobiliarios: ejemplos, tipos y dónde comprarlos

Using real estate signs is a tried-and-true way to advertise your business and listings. Real estate signs can be used to promote for-sale homes, open houses, agents, real estate agencies, or brokerages and reach local audiences who may not find you online. Weve created a list of 17 real estate sign examples to showcase the types available for agents and ideas for how to add them to your marketing outreach or lead generation plan.

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Read on to learn more about the 17 examples of the best real estate signs, how to draw attention to your listings and services, and where to buy or create a similar option:

For Sale Real Estate Yard Signs

For-sale real estate yard signs are among the most common type of signage. They are typically placed in front of an agents active property listings for the purpose of attracting local attention to the listing as well as publicizing the listing agent and real estate agency. Sign style and size can range widely, with different branding, logos, colors, and contact information.

1. Brokerage-branded For Sale Sign

(Source: Sun Journal )

Many agents leverage their brokerages reputation by using its logo and branding on for sale signs. Since Coldwell Banker is an extremely well-known real estate brokerage with a strong reputation, the agent in this example used its existing branding as the primary focus of this sign. Instead of using her name, which may not be familiar to potential buyers, the brokerage name captures attention and builds immediate authority.

2. Modern For Sale Sign Template

(Source: Etsy )

This for sale design is modern, with bright, neutral colors and a minimalistic layout. It appears to be a custom-made design but actually comes from an easily editable Canva template. The headshot and script font make it stand out from many of the more common brokerage-branded sign designs. This sign style may be most fitting for agents targeting a younger audience who wants modern properties.

If you want a completely unique design, scroll through this list for ideas and then create your own on Canva . Canva is a popular graphic design platform that makes creating or editing images easy even for people who have no previous experience. Start with a free account and access hundreds of templates, fonts, shapes, and images.

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3. Diamond-shaped For Sale Sign

(Source: Dee Sign )

Another way to make your sign stand out from others is to simply change the orientation. By turning this sign 45 degrees, it automatically stands out even if you choose a common design template. Plus, this sign leaves room for a quick response (QR) code on the bottom, which can help you generate real estate leads by driving traffic directly to your website, the listings landing page, or a single property website.

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4. Commercial Property For Sale

(Source: Schultz Signs )

This commercial real estate sign is noticeably larger than the average for sale sign youll see in front of single-family homes. The scale of it makes it most fitting for a commercial property lot, as on a large plot of land, a small 24-inch sign would be completely overpowered by the property. This sign clearly establishes the land as a commercial property worth noticing.

5. Featured Listing Photography Sign

(Source: Sign Pro )

The majority of real estate yard signs are made up solely of text, sometimes with a logo as the only graphic. However, some of the most powerful real estate marketing ideas are also the most simple, and, as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

By simply adding one photo to this listings real estate sign, it immediately makes this property stand out from others. It features a photo of the propertys interior, which neighbors or passersby obviously cant see from the outside. In doing so, it stokes their curiosity and invites more showings.

This type of real estate sign would be particularly effective for homes that are still in the process of being built. Instead of waiting for the home to be complete and taking staged photos, purchase renderings of the finished property or model home to advertise on the sign. This allows you to market the property months before its actually available, giving you a head start on generating clients and profits.

Open House Signs

When you host an open house, dont assume that your for sale sign is enough. Even buyers who are extremely interested in the property will feel awkward walking up to an unfamiliar house. Its possible to lose potential clients by not advertising your property enough to draw attention, especially on the time and day of the open house. By using open house signs , you can ensure that potential buyers feel confident walking in the door.

6. Bold Colors Open House Sign

(Source: Dee Sign )

By using a black background on this sign, it immediately looks different from most other real estate yard signs. The gold accent color, modern fonts, and spacing also make this sign feel as if its pointing to a high-end property. When youre creating signage, small changes can make a big difference in the results.

7. Classic Open House Sign

(Source: Custom Real Estate Signs )

This open house yard sign includes a large brokerage logo to take advantage of the brokerages reputation. However, the most important part of this sign is the open house text, which stands out the most thanks to the utilization of a different background color. This makes it the most prominent part of the sign. The smaller size of the agents contact information invites interested buyers to come closer to the property.

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In addition, as a Zillow Premier Agent , your name and profile will be shown on your listings as well as any others who are not listed from another Premier Agent.

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Pro tip: A successful open house doesnt start and end with signage. Make sure you have all your bases covered by downloading our free open house checklist to get the most out of your next open house event.

8. Uniquely Shaped Open House Sign

(Source: Etsy )

This real estate yard sign is extremely unique and attention-grabbing because of its shape. It is intentionally shaped like a pin drop used in most mobile GPS apps, so its likely that this sign will attract a younger group of buyers. While it does not contain the contact information and details of the open house, it can be used in conjunction with other signs that display that information.

9. Color-blocked Open House Sign

(Source: FedEx )

The most successful real estate agents know that less is often more. Instead of trying to communicate many different types of information, this sign focuses on only the open house by clearly mentioning the times the open house is taking place. The simple, color-blocked design helps the sign grab attention and makes it extremely easy for passersby to see and remember. This is an effective sign to display on the day of your open house to invite guests in the door.

10. Real Estate Team Photo Sign

(Source: Etsy )

This is another example of how one simple photo on a sign can make a massive impact. Instead of using a listing photo, this sign incorporates a photo to highlight the real estate team on the listing. In addition, it utilizes a black background and modern script font to create a modern feel. Most importantly, the open house font is large enough to keep the focus where it should be.

Directional Signs

Since signs can be one of the most effective real estate marketing materials in your toolkit, dont stop at one. Instead, on the day of your event, you should also place signs along the route to the property to guide interested buyers to the listing. This is especially useful if its on a cul-de-sac or on a neighborhood street that doesnt normally receive much traffic.

11. Open House Directional Sign

(Source: Front Signs )

This real estate sign design is laid out so well that it could be used for any real estate agent or brokerage. The colors are simple and the font has an ideal size and spacing. It helps buyers who may be driving by to easily see exactly where to go and what is happening there. And if all else fails, a prospect can call the agent for more details or driving directions.

12. Colorful Directional Sign

(Source: Dee Sign )

In this example, the unusual size of the sign and the use of multiple bright colors will stand out to anyone. Colors are often a more powerful way to communicate than text, but make sure that you do this strategically. If you choose to use multiple colors, keep the text and layout to a minimum to avoid distraction. This sign does not include the homes address or photos because that would make it too overwhelming.

If you want your branding and real estate signs to stand out from the competition, make sure that you do it right. If you have no experience with design, consult a professional to make sure that you capture attention in a positive way. Try using Fiverr , where there are graphic design freelancers available for hire at an affordable price. Fiverr allows you to see their previous work and testimonials so you can find the right freelancer to help with your needs.

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13. Neighborhood Directional Sign

(Source: Sign Technology )

Directional signs are handy for events like open houses or for long-term changes like a neighborhood development. To match the scale of the event, this sign is extremely large and mounted on a permanent structure. Since its displayed along a road that likely gets high-speed traffic, the design is simple and shows only the most necessary information to get drivers to turn in the right direction.

Acknowledgment Signs

You dont need to wait for a listing or an event to benefit from the use of real estate signs. In fact, many agents opt for physical advertising instead of online advertising as it guarantees youll get in front of a local audience and your real estate brand becomes more recognized over time. Acknowledgment signs are designed to showcase the real estate professional instead of a property or event.

Using the same concept, you may want to find unique and memorable ways to promote your brand to your audience. ProspectsPLUS! offers a wide range of campaign types and physical products, like marketing postcards for your sphere of influence, potential buyers, potential sellers, expired listings, and niche markets. Start by looking through their products for ideas, and you may find that supplementing your yard signs with custom-designed mailers like flyers and newsletters helps your business grow even faster.

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14. Real Estate Agent Headshot Sign

(Source: My Creative Shop )

Pictures can create instant connections, so this can be a highly strategic strategy for your sign design. About half of this sign is dedicated to showing the real estate agents headshot . The remainder of the sign is laid out very intentionally, with the agents name and phone number written the largest. She also includes her tagline, which specifically targets home buyers.

15. Tall Real Estate Brokerage Sign

(Source: Presign )

This new construction real estate sign takes advantage of vertical space to grab attention and include additional information. Since this specific real estate sign is advertising homes for sale from a builder, it includes relevant information like the model home and sales hours, along with the price range of the homes in the neighborhood. This format is ideal for new construction homebuilders or leased communities.

16. Minimalistic Real Estate Agent Sign

(Source: CrowdSpring )

Simplicity and strategy is the name of this agents game. With a white frame, white background, and a simple design, this real estate sign feels bright and modern. His name and contact information is highlighted with a different, pastel-colored background. Adding a rider that says sold associates his branding with a successful real estate transaction. If you want your brand to feel modern and luxurious, choose a design like this one.

17. Real Estate Agent Yard Arm Sign With Rider

(Source: Blueridge Signs )

This sign includes only three important pieces of information: the brokerage name, the agents name, and her phone number. However, the sign is designed to have a rider attached to it, which is the second sign on the bottom that can provide additional information.

In this example, its used in proximity to a home that will be listed on the market soon, but riders can also be used to show when a home is sold or when you have something to offer, like a home valuation or market update. These types of offers help bring potential clients into your sales pipeline while providing them with something of value. For instance, home valuations help them see how much money they could get for their home if they list with you.

When to Use Types of Real Estate Signs

Once youve determined your need for real estate signs, you need to choose the best type of sign for each use. Look at a few of the most common types of signs below, and consider the weather in your area, the location of each listing, and the ideal size for each sign location.

A-frame Signs

A-frame signs support themselves, which makes them easily portable. They are also typically very lightweight, so they are great choices for events or open houses when you only need to display a sign for a short period of time.

A-frame Directional Open House Sign

(Source: AVS Graphics )

This A-frame sign is placed right in front of a property or on the sidewalk leading to the front door of an open house. The realtor wisely includes his name and phone number on the sign, but its clear that the signs main purpose is to show visitors exactly where to enter an open house. This A-frame is made of thick plastic, which looks sturdy and professional.

Modern A-frame Design

(Source: 4OVER4 )

This A-frame sign is larger than standard yard signs, and the frame doesnt decrease any of the available space for the sign. There is enough room to display three listing photos, the home price, and property details. In fact, this sign is designed to feel like a real estate flyer that can be displayed outside.

Post Signs

Post signs, or arm signs, are hung by a thick wood or vinyl post that is placed into the ground, usually in front of an active listing. They are not lightweight or easily portable, and often have flyer boxes attached as well. Their placement in the ground also means they work well in places with high winds or freezing temperatures, but might be more difficult for real estate agents to set up. Another major benefit of post signs is that they are reusable, so this one-time purchase can be used for hundreds of listings.

Brokerage-branded Post Sign

(Source: Sign Postman )

This is a classic example of a post sign that incorporates the brokerages branding. This sign could be used by any agent at a brokerage since it only offers the website and phone number for the company. However, the agent in this example personalized it by adding a rider with her name and phone number.

Custom Colored Post Sign

(Source: Sign Post America )

One way to make your post sign stand out is to change the color of the post and arm. This prevents you from having to make a new sign or design for each property, while putting your unique touch on your marketing. You may choose to order a colored post or paint your own.

H-stake Yard Sign

H-stake yard signs are some of the most simple and affordable signs, usually made of cardboard with thin wires that are easily placed into the ground. They also have a very standard size of 24 x 18 inches. H-stake signs are not as professional or strong as post signs, but their portability makes them extremely useful for almost any advertising need.

Simple H-stake Yard Sign

(Source: Fast Signs )

This yard sign is a perfect example of how much information can be included in a small area. This sign includes a directional arrow, the realtors name, phone number, email, headshot, and brokerage logos. When you are using signs to attract local buyers, you dont need to reinvent the wheel with every design.

Color Contrast H-stake Sign

(Source: UPrinting )

The simplicity of H-stake signs can make them easily forgettable. If you want to make sure this affordable sign still generates strong results, use bright colors that arent frequently used. This example uses a hot pink color along with a small amount of aqua. The actual sign design and format is simple, which helps the for sale section stand out the most.

Frame Signs

Real estate sign frames can be made out of iron, aluminum, or PVC, which makes them strong and resistant to weather. They also look more professional and high-end than cardboard yard signs. Although youll pay more for framed signs, a strategic design will allow you to use them repeatedly, which will ultimately give you a good return on investment (ROI).

Standard Real Estate Frame

(Source: Signs )

A standard real estate frame is similar to a yard sign in size and does not include spaces for riders or additions to the sign. These are great ways to present a professional design on a professional sign without taking up a large amount of space.

Framed Real Estate Sign With Riders

(Source: Signs )

This framed real estate sign includes two riders. Purchasing a sign frame with these spots allows you to customize your sign for open houses, seminars, coming soon properties, or just sold properties. For real estate teams, the name and phone number can even be exchanged to fit the real estate listing.

Real Estate Flag Signs

Using flags as real estate signs is somewhat uncommon as far as residential listings, which could work in your favor. However, they are commonly used in new home communities as a way to showcase the builders brand.

Real estate flags come in different shapes like feather, teardrop, angled, or rectangle, and are typically six to nine feet tall. The size and movement of flags can do wonders to draw attention, and they invite much brighter and bolder designs than cardboard signs. Since flag signs are typically used to draw attention to a brand rather than communicate important details, they should generally be used as an addition to more traditional signs.

Colorful Logo Flag

(Source: Colorado Canopies )

This range of real estate flags shows a wide variety of bright colors and large logos. Using a flag to display your logo could be a fun and unique way to grab attention in front of your brokerage office or attract attention to an open house.

Welcome Flag

(Source: Milled )

This real estate flag example successfully uses text to draw attention to a property. Because of the shape of flags and their tendency to move in the wind, you need to be strategic when using small text. If you want to use a flag as part of your real estate advertising strategy, its best to consult with a design professional.

Fortunately, its not difficult to find a graphic design professional online. With 99designs , you can search through a collection of freelancers and hire one for your job. Alternatively, many people choose to start a contest on 99designs. Submit a brief with your design needs, and multiple designers will submit a pitch for the best design. In the end, you get to choose which design is the best fit for you.

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Where to Buy Real Estate Signs & How Much They Cost

Real estate signs can be purchased through a number of online stores. However, supporting a local business may provide better pricing and more valuable connections. While materials, size, and build quality can vary, you should expect to pay between $100 and $150 for one high-quality colonial post signpost and sign panel, and around $75 to $100 for a feather flag. Be sure to ask what materials your sign will be made of before ordering.

To give you an idea of pricing, here is some representative pricing from popular online sign companies:

Company Colonial Post Sign Sign Panel (12×18) Feather Flags Directional Open House Signs
3 for $64.60 3 for $181.20 3 (7) for $294.00 3 for $169.20
$96.50 2 (18×24) for $76.70 $38.39 $47.22
$65.95 $43.75 $76.50 $9.85
N/A N/A N/A 5 (18×24) for $72.65
$123.20 $114.91 $135 $164.22
N/A N/A N/A 5 for $24.05

Bottom Line

Using real estate signs effectively is an important part of branding and real estate marketing. Choosing the right real estate yard sign for your listing or event doesnt have to be complicated, but you should have a general understanding of the location, the ideal audience, and the sign size and design. With the tips above, youll be able to use real estate signs as an integral part of your business.

How do you make a real estate sign

What is the standard size for a real estate sign

Real estate frames are typically are made for a 24″x18″ standard size real estate sign. It can hold various yard sign materials such as corrugated plastic, rigid plastic and aluminum.

What are most real estate signs made of

The two most common materials for real estate signs are Coroplast and Aluminum . Coroplast is a corrugated plastic and Aluminum is, of course, the lightweight metal. There are also a few other less prominant choices.

What does signage mean in real estate

Real Estate Signs are for Buyers and Sellers

Signs placed outside of a home are not only promoting the home, but they are also promoting the realtor . Sellers that are looking to list their property are more likely to contact a realtor whose name is familiar or whose signs they have seen in their community.